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    Well hello there.

    I have recently joined the Honda Karma community as I have just placed an order for a new Honda Jazz EX and I have found the site valuable as a source of information and inspiration.

    I have previously been a Honda Civic (2005 1.6 ex) and a Honda Jazz (2009 1.4 ex) driver and loved both cars. I'm currently driving a diesel Kia C'eed. I like the Jazz for it's versatility and those super magic seats.

    I will be a lease car driver and I have decided to go for the 2nd Generation facelift version of the Jazz rather than wait for the new Jazz to come out - mainly because I miss my old 2nd Generation and I'm hoping it will have depreciated quite a lot by the time my lease expires (we have an option at work to buy at the end of the lease). It is probably the wrong decision but I know what I'll be getting.

    So, looking forward to receipt of my Polished Metal Jazz in September and reading more about your cars and what you do to them.

    Kind regards - Hooligan
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    Welcome to HK Hooligan. :welcome:
    Please remember to add your Jazz to the Club Garage. As well as a place to showcase her, it will help us if we need to help you.

    For now, feel free to explore the site and join in. Roll on September. :Grin:
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @jazzman12 :Hey:

    That's a fair bet of a wait but she'll be well worth it I'm sure.

    Look forward to seeing her when she arrives.
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    Hello :Bye:and :welcome:to:gohonda:Karma