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    Hi all, my name's Ollie and I'm from Croydon now living in Southampton. I currently own a 2008 Honda Civic ES 1.8 V-TEC in metallic blue which is gorgeous... only trouble is, my wife has used it more than me as a commuting car since she passed her test and it's now rather beaten up as I'll eventually show when I put pics up. I'm currently researching cars for myself to buy in the next year or so when I sell my inherited house in Croydon and the CR-V is massively high on my list (with maybe a BMW X3 for competition) so I'll be on here asking questions and soaking up information no doubt :Smile:
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    Welcome to HK Ollie. :welcome:
    If you're looking for great solid reliability, the CR-V wins hands down. If you want a badge, then the X3. Well that's my opinion.

    Have a good look round the site and ask away when you've got a question.
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    Welcome @Ollie W :welcome::garage:

    Have a good look around on the site, there is plenty of discussion and opinion about the latest CR-V.

    I agree with @Nels about the BMW.

    The X3 is a nice car, but very expensive if you spec it to the same levels as the "equivalent" CR-V. the CR-V is much more practical too, if that is important.

    It all depends what you want really, and where your priorities are. The BMW has excellent "official" MPG figures, but there are many reports of owners getting nowhere near those.

    Personally, I don't like the rather brash image of the modern BMW or the interiors (low on quality for the price IMHO) but the engines and drive tend to be very good.

    You may find this thread interesting, too...:Whistle:

    General - Reliability Index
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    Welcome to HK, THE ONLY CLUB for all things Honda, from a 4th Generation CR-V owner. Fabulous cars and so adaptable.
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    Hello :Bye:and :welcome:to:gohonda:Karma