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    Hi guys,

    Another newbie here, just signed up and wanted to say hello

    Big Honda fan, Iv been driving hondas for the last 9 years now, recently sold my Civic Type-R after 4 years, of ownership, as I'm now in need of a bigger family car with my 2nd baby due any day now

    I only have eyes for one car, an 8th Generation accord Type-S tourer, iv never seen the 2.4 petrol Type-S for sale so I guess I would have to go for the 2.2 diesel.

    Trouble is, Iv never owned a diesel before and after doing some research online I'm a bit concerned about the DPF issues these cars have

    I don't do a lot of mileage, only around 6k a year, will go up slightly when we have the little one, more days out etc, mileage would rise to 8-10k max I guess, I do a few short journeys every day 1-5 miles, and I drive to the gym 4 days a week 7 miles each way and mostly 60 and 40 MPG zones, and on average I say I would only use the motorway once a month ish

    I'm worried that my regular driving pattern would not be enough to stop the DPF getting clogged up..

    Any advice would be much apriciated
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    Hi @kindz welcome to Honda Karma :Hey:

    If you are only doing 6K a year, the petrol is definitely the one to go IMHO.
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @kindz :welcome:

    ^^ It affects ALL manufacturers with DPFs fitted - a quick BING search shows threads on BMW, VAG, Kia and Nissan forums for a start.

    Limited mileage + few longer journeys at higher speeds = petrol

    Look out for a 2.4EX as @legend-ary says above. They do come up...occasionally!

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    Welcome to HK @kindz
    The 8th Generation, UK, Type-S is only available with the 2.2 -DTEC engine.
    If you want a 2.4 petrol, have a look at the Ex Tourers?