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    Hi guys

    Getting a new accord diesel, thanks to this forum and your enthusiasm for the car. Would not even have considered it unless I hadn't bumped into these forums!

    Seems perfect for my 35k miles on the motorway and will definitely be more comfortable than my 02 plate 1.6 clio that scrapes 38mpg and uses almost as much oil as petrol!

    I have posted for some advice in the general forum if anyone could help with my prospective purchase please?

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    Hi and welcome to AOC:Hey:
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    Hi Jamie, Welcome to AOC and congrats on the move to an Accord :Smile:
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    Thanks, I see you have an lpg. How far can you get on a tankfull? Would you recommend? I do 35000 miles per year and I know there are some lpg fitters near my work. Was going for the 2.2 diesel....
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    Jamie, I've been driving LPG cars for a good few years now. I can also do LPG conversions myself.
    My last two Accords both 7th Generation and both 2.4litre engines have been LPG conversions.

    I've done nearly 100k miles across the two cars (and counting) so I can say with confidence that the 7th Generation Accords take very well to LPG.

    Flashlube system is a must as is a quality system installed by reputable installer.

    Search for "LPG Conversion" on the forum we have discussed the LPG topic a few times :Smile:

    Its definitely an option for you given the number of miles you do. You'll have all the benefits of a petrol car with the economy of a diesel.

    I get around 250-270 miles out of an LPG tank, costing about £30 to fill up.