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    G'day fellas, though i'd best post and say Hello. My name's Glenn and have put up a thread about my sisters 1st Generation Accord hatch in the Show Us Your Car section. I don't have a Honda myself at the moment but have previously owned a 4th Generation sedan which somebody kindly wrote off for me while I was stopped at traffic lights!! Was a great car in fantastic condition, not so much after the crash...



    I think I love the hatch as much as my sister as i've joined heaps of forums and love to look at all the different 1gee's around the world, and have constantly been on the lookout for bits and pieces for it over the years. My sister thinks it's pretty good when a new bit turns up every now and then. This is her 3rd 1gee hatch in 25 years and has also had a 3gee hatch as well. And just missed out on a square headlight 1gee sedan by 1 day!! Anyways good to be on the forum and if anyone has any NOS or excellent condition parts they want to sell, send me a PM.
    Cheers, Glenn.
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    Welcome to the forum Glenn.

    We're lucky to have quite a few 1st and 2nd Generation owners and enthusiasts on here.
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    How did I miss this thread welcome to AOC Glenn.

    Sorry to see your 4th Generation is such a state .. I have a first gen and can help out where I can..