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    Hi every1 im a newbie to honda just got my first 6th Generation accord sport saloon n can't seem to keep out that VTEC lol. Maybe thats why im £100 a week on fuel . Was wondering what kind of back box to buy any ideas ppl thanks
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    If you want an even better sound from that VTEC leave the standard exhaust on and put an induction kit in !! I too have a 6th Generation VTEC s and when I bought mine it already had an induction kit and seriously when the VTEC kicks in you'll find it even harder to keep out of it !!!! As my son says 'it sounds just like a race car daddy' lol
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    Already ordered a k&n panel filter for it and was looking at a direct fit backbox on ebay for it but its not stainless steel which is putting me off it. Especially when it's 140 bucks lol. Think im turning into a boy racer again and im nearly 30 with 3 kids lol
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    You won't get the roar with a panel filter you'll need a proper induction kit. I know what you mean about becoming a boy racer again lol
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    Do they redline higher with an induction kit? Mines hits the limiter about 6200 and I know my m8s Civic screams further lol.
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    If its a Type-R Civic then it would rev higher anyway but I haven't really redlined mine I don't like to do it !
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    Yeah only done it when I first got it and when u keep it in the VTEC it pulls like a train. Only bad thing is the fuel consumption isnt that great especially when I deliver pizzas for a living lol
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    No Avander, there's no difference in redline possible with any mechanical changes. The limiter is set electronic via the ECU.
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    Just read another thread there and some1 said there e m l came on after they fitted an induction kit and I only paid abt 40 quid for the panel filter lol