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    Did this mod some time ago and thought it would be worth sharing as I recently joined this site. So first mod post, here goes:

    I decided to install HID 6000K units into my 8th Generation accord and can advise they work a treat. Apologies as I couldn't take pictures all the way through as I sort of forgot or had my hands full....

    So to start you will need:

    1. HID kit in H1 fitting (eBay purchase )
    2. Philip's screw driver
    3. flat blade screw driver
    4. 10mm socket and ratchet
    5. old piece of carpet
    6. a drill and a 25mm hole cutter or similar

    So the easiest way for me to show this is in step format so here goes:

    Step 1.

    Locate all the plastic securing pins on the top trim within the engine bay and remove. Be gentle as they will break but do come out without to much effort.


    Step 2.

    Repeat same process for the lower fixing points under the car - there are lots of these!!!


    Step 3.

    Remove the single Philips screw located inside each wheel arch.


    Step 4.

    Starting at either side give the bumper at the wheel arch a good tug and it will unclip. Follow this round under the light fitting and then repeat from the other side. Be careful at this point not to drop the bumper!! This is where best to put the carpet to avoid scratches to the paint work. Once free lift off from the car and place on the floor.


    Step 5. (optional)

    If you want to remove the bumper out of your way then you will need to disconnect any cables, so dependent on the options fitted to your car unplug the leads to the front bumper to remove.

    Parking sensors located on the passenger side:

    Fog light connections:

    Put the bumper somewhere safe!

    Step 6.

    Locate the 4 bolts holding the headlight into position. These are 10mm and you will require an extension to reach one of them.

    Wing side

    2 bolts in engine bay

    1 in the front inner side of the light

    Step 7.

    Remove the light assembly.

    You can at this point disconnect the light totally and remove but i did this while attached to the car. Remove the rear cover to expose the wiring and old bulb housing.

    Now this is where i didn't take pictures but you need to drill a 25mm hole in the rear cover to allow the new HID cables to pass through and secure with the grommet connected. I didn't have a hole cutter so i used a 16mm drill and used this to open up the hole to fit the cables through.

    Step 8.

    Locate a position for the ballast to go. i chose to place these tight under the existing wiring loom and secure with the cable ties.

    Passenger side:

    Drivers side:

    Another shot showing space:

    Step 9

    Refit the passenger light (i did this light first) and replace the bolts hand tight. Check the cable underneath the light to ensure no tangles or trapped wires. Next turn on your lights and check operation!

    Old light:

    New light:

    If happy secure the light fully and repeat the process on the drivers side!!

    Step 10.

    Once both light are completed and you are happy with the operation you will need to refit the bumper and any wiring plugs disconnected.

    I found the best way to get the bumper on is to start at the gill and work outwards, you will find that the bumper goes on very very easily and takes 2 ticks!

    Replace all the plastic securing lugs, and trim work including the 2 Philips screws and be please with your work!

    All in all with taking pictures this took no more than 1hr 30 to complete.

    Few pictures of the kit I purchased and a night shot
    IMG01297-20120302-2041. _DSC1249.
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Thanks for sharing Jay.Very good job and write up:GoodJob:
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    Told you! Jay is a top guy - lucky to have him here :Thumbup:
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Great write up Jay !
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    If we mount in our ebay but firecrackers, we will properly prosecuted with harsh punishments. No Scheinwefer cleaning, not ALW. Ebay kits extremely dazzle. Why do you build you something illegal in such a nice car? 'd Just taken D2S burners. Costs here in Germany 90 €, which is not hidden and does not look like ebay.

    Hope you at the police is more accommodating. With us were the points, fined up to a display. Of course, confiscated from us at the same need the whole car.

    4150k is normal.
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    Belgium Aalst
    Great! I did the same in my car, without removing the bumper. You will understand as no other it cost me blood, sweat and tears... Next time I will also remove the bumper. Takes less time than grabling with your hands in a dark hole over and over again.
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    You are a true gent thanks for this DIY Jay, its clear you guys have a lot of skill on here. I am a quality surveyor and we have regular meeting and workshops to share information among our peers.Can the mods or admin arrange a technical workshop day at someone home , local garage for an informal chat with likeminded friend and talk about their Honda and have a fun day. I reckon you can read all your posts on here all you like but getting your hands dirty is more satisfying.

    I am sure if we can oransise something I am willing to travel where ever it may be.
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    i like that ,would you tell me where did you bought HIDs and what was make ?any errors when you switch them on?
    thanks and nice job
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    United Kingdom Leo Northants
    @dom a kit that I'd highly recommend for the CL9 and CU2 are the Kensun HID/Xenon Kits. They make them for various bulb sizes with various colour temperatures, very easy to install and mine have been perfectly reliable. Oh, and they come with a picture of the CU2 on the bulb covers :Laughing:
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    I have HID's.

    I have a question with the wiring? With the OEM ground wire, did you just connect that to the earth lead of the HID kit?
  11. DeviateDefiant Co-Founder Staff Team

    United Kingdom Leo Northants
    My installation was on a 7th Generation and if memory serves the earth was already grounded and didn't need to be touched for the installation.

    From what you've said, I'd connect up that earth.
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    i was looked on amazon but no H1 ,my car honda i -dtec 2010
  13. DeviateDefiant Co-Founder Staff Team

    United Kingdom Leo Northants
    They may just be out of stock, I brought my 6000k H1s from that listing.
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    any problem so far with xenon kit?

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    United Kingdom John LN5
    I miss my OEM HID light from my previous car, which did have headlight washers and self levelling. Therefore was thinking to get a HID kit from Autobulbs Direct who sell kits. Anyway this is a copy of the chat:

    System 16:40:26
    Topic: Standard halogen bulb replacment with HID kits Honda Accord 2009. What is the lasted gen on fitting these ref MOT time.
    A representative will be connected, please be patient.
    Rebecca enters the chatroom.
    Your current position in the queue is 1. Approximate waiting time: 4 minute(s).
    The next available representative is reserved for you.
    James enters the chatroom.
    Rebecca has left the chatroom.
    James 16:44:16
    Hello John, my name is James, Unfortunately still at this point no aftermarket HID kit is strictly road legal as you are changing the lighting system (from halogen to gas discharge) in your car and for this reason the bulbs can't be E marked which is a legal requirement. You also won't have the self leveling and washer systems installed which is also a legal requirement for HID and without these installed the kit would be an MOT failure. HID kits are plug and play so they are easy to remove and replace with standard bulbs come MOT time.

    So there we go!! might still get some anyway just may be a ball ache come MOT time.

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    United Kingdom Peter Bradford
    Many people do not have a problem when it comes to the MOT, mine too passed last week with no issues
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    United Kingdom Brett Bristol
    Mines passed 2 MOT and no issues.Also the guy commented that my lights were aligned perfect.
    If your car does fail which I don't think it will just keep your old lamps and put back in.
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    Australia Sydney
    if you can do a retrofit would be better much better light.....i had my headlight baked 3-4 times hahah

    my retrofit ones will be up for sale soon as im getting face lift model headlights :Smile: