General Hid lights.

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    Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with a aftermarket HID kit.

    I've had the lights in for about 6 months and about 6 weeks ago a bulb had gone. Sent off for 2 new bulbs. I replaced the bulb and this one still wasn't working. I then managed to get a free ballast sent out :Smile: as I figured that was the problem. New ballast and new bulb fitted and hey presto it was fixed...... For about 10 seconds and then the bulb goes out. If I then turn the lights off and on and leave off for a min or 2 then both lights work followed by one going out after 10 seconds again.

    Anyone got any ideas what this could be.

    ( p.s, I will throw in that it was bought of a shitty Chinese eBay seller, which I was unaware of :/ )
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    I've had aftermarket HID's in my Accord for around 3 years now, never had an issue with them

    Id put it down to your last sentence being the issue initially