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    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me whetehr or not the lights on my EX GT Accord are HID or just Halogens with a blue/white tint? They look great hopefully they are the HID and I am going to get brighter side lights to help the look of it. Can anyone reccommend any good sidelights that are a brighter white?
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    EX GT models do indeed come with HID headlights. If you have headlight washers on your bumper, which I assume you do since you say you have an EX GT, then yes, they are Xenons.
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    Happy days they look great, glad they are the proper HID's and not just the brighter white halogens.
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    The way to spot HID versus halogen is the way the light up. HID have an igniter and they slowly get to full light intensity.

    If some else puts the lights on for you would see them flicker for a few seconds as they warm up. Halogens are more or less on and off.