Electrical & Lights HID's on 2 different bulbs?

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    how do you run dual beam HIDs if your low beam is h7 and high beam is h1? Do you just run 2 sets of single beam HIDs or can 2 sets not be run at once simultaneously? or will 1 disengage when the other turns on? confusing as hell! help please!

    I basically just want to put a set in my 2000 Accord Saloon 2.0i SE but I don't know the best way to go about it as this confuses me!

    I would be happy if needs be to run a set of dual beam h7's and just use them instead of the h1 as the high beam (if possible so same as h4 both high/low on the same bulb) but every person on ebay i've messaged says their h7 is single beam... what if I had a set of h7 dual beams and engage high beam it comes on will the standard h1 still be on as high alongside it or will the HID take priority and work whilst the h1 doesn't?

    So confusing sorry!
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    I have sold HID kits for some years, never seen dual beam H7 bulb yet, though some late Skodas have a type of dual beam setup using a single H7 bulb, theres an electrically operated shutter inside the lamp. To run dual HID you will need 2 kits, the only draw back will be that when you select high beam it will take a few seconds for the high beam to warm up.
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    You don't need HIDs on your high beam.
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    Agree with speedy, you don't need HIDs on main beam, try some decent upgraded bulbs like Philips or Osrams they are better than stock. Also an after market bolt on kit won't be legal for road use in the UK unless you have self leveling lights and power washers fitted and working.