Accord/8th Gen High Milegage - Desiel Drivers- ?

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    After my experience with trying to purchase a 8th Generation Accord, somebody as recomended buying a high milage lease vechile which has been fully maintained and in good condition hwever i have my concerns, back to same old DPF and DMF.

    anybody arround here have any experience in high Mileage Honda's?
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    I bought mine with 104000 miles and 4 years old. No real problems but I made sure it was serviced properly and on time.
    I also looked at quite a few until I was happy.
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I don't own a Honda diesel and don't see me ever owning one, however I can give advise from what I have seen and heard with people in the know.

    DPF problems are 90% driver inflicted on the Honda,so unless you figure out who they work and learn all the caveats you will be fine on a new car or a old car with 100k mile on it. Anyone saying otherwise is badly misinformed and take it with a pinch of salt.

    DMF no reported issues but clutches are wearing out on high mileage car due natural wear and tear.

    Have a really fastidious maintenance regime and you will never be bothered, it also worth while buying warranty to cover yourself from the unexpected which DOES happen on a diesel.
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    My journey to work is only 16 miles each way and I've had zero DPF problems in the 3000 miles of owning the car. If I i do get a problem Ill just remove the DPF. My car has only done about 47k now so not high mileage.
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    My mates taxi has nearly 370'000 miles on it. Hes still on the original clutch !! Says alot about honda if you ask me.
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    As an I-DTEC owner, I can tell you that there has only been ONE car in the 8thG world that had a flaw with the DMF. As for the DPF, again, I have no issues - people just do not do enough research about modern diesels and get stung because they do too many short trips and clog up the DPF.

    Thankfully, I use my car on daily m-way runs and on the weekends, I can potter about with local journeys like a petrol car, with 45mpg to my name and not a care in trhe world.

    The I-DTEC engine is as good as the petrol one in my view - if you look after it. Petrol engines are no different. If you don't maintain those either, then they will bugger up as well.

    And if anything, a higher mileage diesel Accord will have been well run in.
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    At work a lot of people get lease vehicles as company cars and we have shared pool cars which included in the past a honda insight hybrid.

    Some of these cars are clearly driven well and by people who have mechanical sympathy and these with 100k is no problem.

    I've also seen some (our pool cars especially) get ragged from cold and driven very hard. These would be a nightmare for the next owner when they buy it from auction etc.

    Its pot luck with ex lease cars in my honest opinion.
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    Mine is 122k. It had 107 when I bought it. Never seen the DPF light yet, but having problems with clutch and weird vibrations during acceleration. Funny thing: Western Honda Edinburgh is not willing to help. Just winding me up. Would never buy a car from them! I'm sick of them.
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    Sorry to hear about your issues bud why don't you take it up with the dealer principle, I am sure you can get to some sort of solution.
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    370,000!!!! miles on a clutch is massive. Is it a diesel Accord. Got to be a record if so.
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    Yes diesel. Hes had his DMF done but not clutch. He does look after it very well though. End of the day its how he earns his money.
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    A high mileage Honda Accord can last a very long time if properly serviced. I've heard of some Accords with well over 200k miles and more. And, still running very smooth.
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    I had a 56 plate exec tourer from new and let it go January 2011 with 166,500 miles on her and she was as sweet as nut, i would have no hesitation in buying a high mileage as long as its H S H in full . I would say watch out for exhaust manifolds as they last 100k then crack as mine did, a new alternator, and a new clutch at 100K, that was it, top car.

    Now got a 2011 exec tourer diesel from new which has 54k and just had a new clutch fitted this week under warranty, love the car.

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  14. Agree entirely, motorway miles at full temperature give the car a much easier time than cold start commuting and stop-start urban traffic.
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    How to look for those manifold cracks? I can smell exhaust gas inside when I start the car more often. Specially when cold. What about EGR or something? Have you you about it cracking?
  16. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    If you were to shine a bright light on the manifold you are looking for carbon residue around the bends , smell is the one sure method, but if you get the manifold guard off it will become more apparent.
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    mine only has 40k on it full honda service history but my DMF has a rattle on it but its covered under warranty i got extra so gettibg it changed at the end of the year some time