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    We’re really pleased that CJ has partnered with us so we can offer the special
    Chris Knott Car Club Insurance Scheme to HK members like you. We’re currently saving members of almost 200 car clubs/forums money on their car insurance.

    Here’s what members of those forums have said about Chris Knotts and our scheme in the last few weeks:

    “Not only were they able to beat my renewal quote, they also provided me with an all-round better policy. All this with a quality of customer care often lacking in today's age. Thanks again!”

    “Sounds to me like you're a decent bunch of guys there instead of going "computer says no" you will actually try and go that extra mile to help a customer. Not many insurers like that.”

    “Very happy to say I've been really impressed with Chris Knott - the service is great and the quote was superb. I'm lined up to renew with them next week - having done loads of researching and quotes - CK came up trumps. Well done CK.”

    This feedback confirms the scheme’s aim which is to find car club members the best deal on their car insurance while providing a high level of personal service and good, solid advice.

    As a car enthusiast you invest a lot of time and money in your car and you’re usually a better class of driver as a result. Our insurers reward that with good rates for all your cars (whether Hondas or not) and we’ll recommend the cover most suitable for your needs.

    Like most companies, at Chris Knott Insurance we have our own set of criteria which is given to us by the insurers and is laid out below. We are flexible though if your individual scenario doesn’t quite match, but is close. Remember too, that if we can’t quote for you or we’re uncompetitive, it’s not because we don’t want to be helpful – it’s because the insurers’ stats suggest you’re more likely to claim.

    To find out how much you could SAVE, please call the
    Chris Knott Car Club Insurance Scheme FREE on 0800 917 2274 (or 01424 200477 for mobiles) and quote this forum’s unique CODE: 122-ACC to make sure you receive the maximum benefit.

    We offer a loyalty reward scheme too when you bring extra policies to us - £20 OFF additional cars in your household and upto £50 OFF Home Insurance - that's on top of any other savings we can negotiate for you. When you're a CK client you can also earn £20 OFF your own insurance renewal with us if you recommend a friend who goes ahead with our quote.

    We look forward to talking with you.

    The scheme covers most modifications (excluding nitrous and roll cages) and BHP increases of upto 100bhp. All makes and models are considered eligible. Drivers must be aged over 19 for TPF&T or 21 for Comprehensive. Drivers of performance vehicles (Type-R, etc) must be aged either 25+ with 2 years’ experience of driving that or a similar performance car or be 30+ with at least 1 year’s experience. All drivers must have held a licence for at least 1 year and have at least 1 year's NCB.

    Quotes subject to individual circumstances including restrictions on claims/convictions (no more than 1 SP/PC/PL conviction per driver). Sorry but we are not competitive for any M, L, OL or SK1-12 postcodes or Northern Ireland. Some postcodes require the car to be parked off the road overnight.

    This insurance scheme is administered by Chris Knott Insurance who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
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    do you quote for northern ireland?
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    I am sure they do but call up and confirm bud.
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    I'm afraid not but it's nothing to do with the troubles it's all to do with whether the insurers have an office in the province.
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    well come January ill give you a call, anything is worth a try. How are you with Imports ? as its normally my Integra that i have the issues with. Both are up for renewal within 3 days of each other, and id much prefer to have them with the same insurer. Normally as soon as i say "yes its a modified import" i can hear th person at the end of the phone laughing and picking random numbers out the air !
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    We'll always try to get you the best deal because we only offer our car insurance to car club/forum members. And yes, we're OK with imports. Just check out our criteria in the original post above to make sure you comply with the rest of it.
  7. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Thanks for the update any plans to open a office in NI zone?
  8. ChrisKnottIns Site Partner Trader

    No plans for expansion 'abroad' I'm afraid :Wink:
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    I'm often asked questions like "How much is it for a 23 yr old on a...?" or "I've been quoted £xxx. Can you beat it?".

    As you can appreciate there's a lot more detail required before we can offer a quote. So the best thing is to call us on the Chris Knott freephone number (0800 917 2274) rather than PM-ing me or posting the question on the forum.

    I know you're after a quick answer but there really isn't one for these types of question. If you call us our guys will make sure you have all the info you need to make a decision about switching to us.


    Oh, and make sure you quote the forum's unique code to make sure you receive the full benefit :Smile:
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    Rang today and sorted till 2014, nice and easy to get a quote that I took on the spot. Partly the price but also for the service.
    Cheers fellas.
  11. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Good stuff I am with swiftcover and can't wait to switch the whole online account servicing model does not work for me.
  12. ChrisKnottIns Site Partner Trader

    This month in particular has seen a great response from forum members to our flexible pricing strategy. It's so successful that we're signing up around 38% of all quotes offered - that's better than one in every 3 quotes (almost 4 in 10).

    I also just wanted to remind you that there are only a couple more weeks left until we close our Prize Draw for an iPad Mini. All you need to do to enter is ask us to quote for your car insurance before 31st May.

    Please give us a try if your insurance is due soon - others are saving £££s and the chance to WIN an iPad Mini. But that's not all we have to offer...

    If there were 4 comments that best sum up the benefits of our service, it's these, received in recent weeks:

    "Mine's all sorted signed and sealed with CK. Very quick and easy and most importantly, an efficient/professional service. Compared to the original renewal from Churchill, CK were over £300 cheaper. Compared to the cheapest quote from the usual sites, CK were around £50-£100 cheaper." Akash - VWAudi Forum

    "Many thanks for all your help - it makes the whole process much less of a chore dealing with a friendly, helpful & professional human being rather than a faceless website! Also I appreciate the fact that Chris Knott advertise a 'proper' number so that it doesn't cost a fortune calling from a mobile. I will definitely be recommending Chris Knott to anyone who asks." D Birtles, Recommended by a friend

    "Chris Knott have just given me an absolute steal of a price. I can't tell you or you'd not take this post seriously! I only left them as they had a funny uncompetitive year but they are back and I am very happy to be with them instead of some random internet only cowboys." ofnpanad, AlfaOwner.com

    "Well, I've just taken out my S-Max insurance with Chris Knott, and I have to say that Rebecca did a fabulous job of finding me a great quote, recognised my lack of computer skills and talked me through everything. How nice it is to talk with someone who is professional and patient. For the first time, speaking with insurance companies today, I actually felt that I was being valued as a customer. Any problems or concerns and I only have to call back, and chances are I can speak to the same person again. Well done Chris Knott Insurance for restoring my faith in customer service." Fezzer, SMax Owners Club

    You should call Chris Knott Insurance for a car quote and to benefit from a better level of service. Find out how much you could save and, if calling before 31st May, get free entry into our iPad Mini draw. Hurry - not long left for the draw!!

    We'll be running another great competition via our Facebook page soon - so please LIKE the Chris Knott Facebook page. In addition, there'll be a draw for a year's FREE UK Breakdown Cover once we reach 500 LIKES. Don't miss out!
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    Please remember to include Chris Knott in the mix when searching for a car insurance quote.

    For good drivers, we can often beat your best alternative quote when we know what it is - dis-regarding what the system says we should be quoting. That's because our insurer partners trust us and allow us to quote what we need to to get them good quality business.

    This year so far we're signing up even more forum members than last year so we must be doing something right!

    Call Chris Knotts and we'll find you the best deal based on your individual needs.

    High for the industry, 78% of Chris Knott's clients are renewing this year too, which means we are pretty consistent in our pricing - not looking to hike the rate if the risk is the same as last year.

    It's true there have been a few comments regarding the length of time it takes for us to answer calls. But we're pleased to say that we've listened to feedback and have now made it easier for you to get through to the quoting team. They were previously handling other types of enquiry but we're now fielding those enquiries to a separate, dedicated team. You should notice a great improvement.

    Pick up the phone today if you're due in the next few weeks and see how much Chris Knott can save you.
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    United Kingdom Rokas Bristol, UK
    I've filled up the form on Chris Knott website several days ago, but nobody got back to me, neither email or phone. Need insurance from 10th of next month. At the moment finding swiftcover as cheapest one.
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    We would have definitely rung you and left a message saying we'd called or emailed you. If you can PM me your email address I'll do a specific search.
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    UPDATE: Current CK offers

    In case you missed it at the tale end of last year, we're offering the chance to WIN a VIP Tour of Silverstone for two to any club member who asks us for a car insurance quote between now and 28/02/14.

    In addition, if you already have one vehicle insured with us, we'll give you an extra discount of £20 when you ask us to quote for another car in your household.

    Just a couple of testimonials:

    "Chris Knott Insurance - Thanks for the cheapest car insurance quote of my life so far." Sylivian, Fiesta ST Owners Club

    "Recently moved my Z3 insurance over to CKI. I found them really helpful and as a bonus, I saved nearly (two thirds) on my premium." Neil Robinson, Facebook

    Discounted 'per vehicle' UK Breakdown Cover is available until 31/03/14:

    Cover 1 car for just £54.50 (normally £59.50)
    Cover 2 cars for £104 (normally £109)
    Cover 3 cars for £123 (normally £128)

    A new offer from Chris Knott means that you could WIN a London experience - The View from The Shard and a Three-Course Meal for Two at Marco Pierre White's Steak & Ale House in Bishopsgate.

    All you have to do is ask us for a quote on your home insurance before 28/02/14.

    If you have a vehicle insured with us at the time of the quote we'll give you an extra £20 OFF the best quote we can find for you. If you have 2 or more vehicles with us, we'll increase the discount to £50. That's a discount on top of any other savings we can achieve for you!

    Full prize details at WIN Tickets to The View from The Shard and a 3-course meal for two
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    I just wanted to remind you that there's not much time left for you to benefit from our current Prize Draws and discounts.

    CAR INSURANCE - get a quote before 28/02/14
    In return for getting a quote from Chris Knott Car Insurance we're offering the chance to WIN a VIP Tour of Silverstone for two - ENTRY CLOSES 28/02/14.

    HOME INSURANCE - get a quote before 28/02/14
    Ask Chris Knott Home Insurance for a quote and you could WIN a London experience - The View from The Shard and a Three-Course Meal for Two at Marco Pierre White's Steak & Ale House in Bishopsgate - ENTRY CLOSES 28/02/14.
    Full prize details at WIN Tickets to The View from The Shard and a 3-course meal for two

    MULTI-CAR BREAKDOWN COVER - take out cover before 31/03/14
    Discounted 'per vehicle' UK Breakdown Cover is available until 31/03/14:

    Cover 1 car for just £54.50 (normally £59.50)
    Cover 2 cars for £104 (normally £109)
    Cover 3 cars for £123 (normally £128)

    Our multi-buy and loyalty rewards continue indefinitely - that's £20 OFF any extra cars you bring to us and upto £50 OFF your home insurance. These offers are on top of any other draws we might offer from time to time.

    If your car or home insurance is due this month, please include us in the mix when you get your quotes. Not only do we offer great rates to car club/forum members but you'll be entered into the above competitions.

    0800 917 2274 / 01424 200477
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    Thank You from Chris Knott Insurance
    Hi, we'd like to thank the members of the car club/forum community for their support of our special car insurance scheme. So far this year we've been amazed at the increase in members using our service to find the best deal - each month we've beaten our growth targets by a significant amount and that's down to you.

    On a slightly different note, we do try to monitor the forums and keep up to date with any insurance questions out there but if we've missed any please feel free to flag them up again by PM and we'll make sure you get a response.

    Thanks again for your custom and don't forget to try us this year when your renewal falls due. We won't be able to help everyone but we'll do all we can for as many of you as we can.
    QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 / 01424 200477


    "Thanks a lot guys for saving me money on Car Insurance...!!! Both cars insured and over £400.00 saved in total..." Happy Matty. Slotty, Briskoda.net

    "Went ahead with my Insurance renewal today with Chris Knott Insurance. Undercut my existing renewal quote by 10% over the phone before I could even approach the subject myself! Mod-friendly and polite service (Kim) Many Thanks guys." Av4nt, Audi-Sport.net

    "Chris Knott have just halved my insurance! Result I say. Same cover as before and everything covered fully comp." Yorkshire007, Vectra-c.com
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    REMINDER: Chris Knott discounted Car Insurance scheme

    Chris Knott has launched a couple of online products for members in the last month (Breakdown and GAP) and I've been posting on here about them. So I thought it would be good to now go back and remind you of our core offering which is, of course, our special car insurance scheme.

    As car club members you generally look after your cars better than the average driver. So the insurers on our panel allow us to be a bit more flexible in our pricing and respond to your best alternative quote rather than the rigid computer calculation to win the business.

    The result is that you ultimately get a lower quote than you would otherwise.

    And, as we're signing up 44% of all club enquiries on average, this clearly works to everyone's benefit.

    MAIN CHRIS KNOTT PRODUCTS available to members:

    * Car Insurance / Multi-car Insurance (extra discounts for more than one car) - phone for a quote
    * Breakdown Cover - by phone or quote and buy online
    * GAP Insurance - by phone or quote and buy online


    * Home Insurance - extra £20 OFF our best home quote if you have 1 car with us / extra £50 OFF our best home quote if you have 2+ cars with us.
    * Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Insurance
    * Business Insurance

    CHRIS KNOTT QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - Please mention this forum to receive the full benefit (or call 01424 200477 - cheaper for mobiles).


    "Just had a nice chat with Tabitha getting a quote for this year, after being with main stream insurers up until now. As I'm looking at some modifications I wanted a flexible policy and CKI came up trumps. What a brilliant deal, massively cheaper than anyone else, but with more cover. Couldn't be happier!" Dunk Veloce, Alfa Romeo OC

    "This year got quoted £840 from admiral and then £480 for Chris Knott. Guess who I chose." JackW, Civinfo.com

    "Well what can I say? The guys at Chris Knott are epic. Had my renewal quote from my previous provider. Started calling the insurance companies on here. Most of them only beat the renewal quote by a few £££. Called Chris Knott insurance and they smashed the price! Very happy with the price nearly £200 off the renewal quote. Big thanks Chris Knott and a huge thanks to Kim and Rebecca." klashinikov, Type-R Owners forum.

    "Just made changes to my policy and declared the new modifications, couldn't be any easier or helpful. Happy to be with Chris Knotts, couldn't recommend them enough. Thanks again!" Danny Piercy, Facebook
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    Happy New Year to you all.

    Thanks so much for your custom in 2014, especially in response to the Chris Knott Prize Draws at the tale end of the year. I'm pleased to announce that December's winner was Mrs D Woodfin from Bolton. She bagged herself a £100 Amazon Voucher and all she did was ask us for a quote.

    During the early part of this year we're aiming to start negotiations with the companies on our insurer panel to alter the scheme access criteria, allowing us to quote competitively for even more car club/forum members. We'll keep you posted as things develop.

    As things stand many car club/forum members are saving money every day but we'd obviously like more members to be able to benefit from calling Chris Knott Insurance. In just the last week we've signed up another 12 forums - forums who've heard good things about Chris Knott and want their members to be able to access great car insurance deals too.

    If you'd like us to quote when your modified or standard car is due for renewal please call the Chris Knott Club Line on 0800 917 2274 or 01424 200477 and mention this forum to receive the full benefit.

    Remember, if we couldn't beat your quote before the reason may now have passed, especially if you were just a bit too young for the scheme when you called us. Please include us again in the mix this year.


    Testimonials received in the last month:
    "Once again you guys have destroyed XXXX's quote so I'm in for my 3rd year with you starting Christmas Day (I have no idea how that happened)." Nick6425, West Midlands Vauxhall Owners Club

    "Best quote, all signed up :Smile:" logrunner, Juke Owners Group

    "Thanks guys and a Happy New Year to you all too. As above thanks for another unbeatable renewal, cheers." Paul Truslove, Facebook

    "I will be joining Chris Knott Insurance shortly. They beat my best quote, and smashed my renewal by £232." Paul, AudiRS3oc.com

    "ChrisKnottIns - just taken out a policy with the company. Beat my renewal by £1500. Cannot complain 1 bit." chrisbab89, West Midlands Vauxhall Owners Club