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Discussion in 'Holdcroft Honda' started by Mike c, Sunday 2nd Dec, 2012.

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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    My son and his wife have just purchased their replacement for an old golf from Holcroft , not a Honda I know but a 2007 Nissan Quashqai. My daughter in law has commented on how good the service was during the sale. It obviously runs across the Holcroft franchises- well done.
    Her only criticism was that the valet was not very good. Maybe it was a call for me to valet it?:eek:
    Mike c
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    Well done Holdcroft it may be a big trip back up to Holdcroft for a valet.:Wink:
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    I know our Nissan garages use a subcontractor for their valeting department, whereas we don't.