Body, Paint & Styling Holiday just started, first car park of the week

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    hi guys

    It seems it's not my luck recently with my car:
    Having a holiday in Poole this week , fantastic time with my son doing some crab catching at the edge of the harbour.

    Parked my car earlier in a multi storey car park.. The high street shops car park to be precise. Pretty empty with over 100 spaces available , I park deliberately next to a pillar so chances are less of anyone damaging my car by parking too close.. Effectively limiting that risk to only one side of the car..

    Get back in time to see that a small red car had decided to park next to me even though loads of other spaces available, I still can't understand why.. To Make matters worse it's an elderly couple - 80 or so - male driving in front. My concerns grow as he had parked far too close to my car and my mind starts imagining the ways he has tried to get in and out of the car along with his wife who was sitting in the back.. On the same side...

    They where just reversing out of their space as I arrive , as they drove off I immediately checked and lone behold not just once chip, four to five on the rear passenger side door..

    Absolutely fuming... They have I imaging repeatedly knocked my door trying both of them to get out in a confined space. Why didn't you just park in a space with another space next to it - arghhhhh

    have asked for cctv from the car park - doubt it will get anywhere.

    Are chips away any good ? Please tell me they blend th paint work and don't just dab a bit of touch up over the marks as that looks even worse in my opinion. I can see myself calling the. When back from holiday ...

    I just give up trying to park sensibly nowadays when it happens regardless...

    Have decided not to fume and enjoy the rest of my holiday...

    it goes to show it doesn't matter if the driver is 18 or 80, they can still be careless and completely selfish [email protected] with a complete disregard for other people's property. I'll end up paying for it... It should come out of either his pension or insurance but I didn't get the plate of the car...
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    Apologies for the grammar and spelling errors above - had a large glass of wine to mellow my mood!!
  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Alas, these are the pleasures of motoring nowadays.
    The old couple may not have even noticed what they had done. I'm not making excuses for them, but that's what happens with some older folk.

    I believe Chips Away do blend the repairs in, so it shouldn't show...But it does depend on the person doing it.

    I think a large glass of wine, or two, is the way to go for now, as long as you've finished driving for now. :Drinks:
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    sorry to hear about the dings Tim. Chips away are usually pretty good
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    Bad news @Tim Martin :Ohdear:

    I'm afraid it happens a lot. The old couple were either oblivious or just don't see it as a problem.

    I've heard people say "'s only a car." Just look at the state of many of the cars on the road and you'll see it can't be a minority who just couldn't care less about their own property or that of others.

    I've used Chips Away for a small dent before, and they were very good. I'd say it's worth asking your local Honda dealer who they use to sort minor defects on their forecourt cars and then getting a couple of quotes.
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    You should try living in France with a car the size of an 8th Generation. And don't even think about going to the Cote d'Azur. I have an ugly towbar permanently mounted, though never used from new, just as some sort of rear protection. What saddens and annoys me is the simple lack of respect for other people's property. Good luck with the wine...
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    Parking spaces are too small @ 5m X 2.5m :hairout: :hairout: :hairout:
    They should be wider :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:
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    Thanks for the sympathy guys - nice few glasses last night and a fresh outlook in the morning, there are ofcourse far worse things that can happen.. Even so it's the sheer lack of respect on someone else's property that really annoys me. Young or old .. It seems all too common these days.

    I'm due to go to Brayley Honda on 11th June to get asc light looked at and the clear coat peeling off my bumper sorted under warranty.(that's what I'm expecting as I still have 6 months left since purchase in Dec) I'll get a quote on sorting the chips out and compare to chips away..
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    Chips away came at 930 this morning to give me a quote.. Guy just wasn't interested as soon as he saw it.

    Basically told me because there are so many chips (4-5!) the door would be better resprayed. I was dumbstruck - what the heck are they called chips away for .. I suspect he had his reasons for not doing it. But he just simply wasn't interested... Thanks Colin!

    I'm not paying £400 for a respray..