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    A bit of a so called controversial subject the left wingers are crying up this is racist yada yada. and now ASA are investigating it for as complaints have been made.

    BBC News - ASA probes Home Office 'go home' van campaign

    What are your thoughts ?

    Personally :- I am sorry if you are not legally here in the UK you should not be here and YOU should be asked to leave in a blunt manner.
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    Honestly I just think that this method just incites hate amongst ill informed citizens who may think that every coloured person is an illegal alien. Looking at the 6 areas named, I am not surprised that they were chosen but private crackdowns and tightening the border would be a lot more efficient than these vans.
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    ^^Agree. Anything that creates unnecessary suspicion is dangerous, potentially dividing our communities with only negative consequences. The issue here is surely lax border control - this approach strikes me as rather reactionary - seemingly trying to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted (and is long, long gone).

    We should try to see this through the eyes of people who are so desperate to get a chance in life that they are willing to enter a country illegally, often having paid the unscrupulous to gain entry. I just can't imagine being in that situation, and we should try to show empathy and sympathy for those that are.

    Personally I thought the Boris Johnson idea of an amnesty was sound, turning those already here into citizens who can contribute to our society.
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    I fail to see how putting up a poster which tells people what will happen to them when they are doing something illegal can be seen as offensive! And as for these allegations that the posters are racist because they are aimed at a specific section of the population is also absurd. Any poster displayed in public is designed to target a section of the population. Just because this poster targets a section, who some seek to use to go on a moral crusade to boost their own popularity, doesn't make it racist or offensive. The problem with our society is people are very quick to claim they are offended, usually over things which don't actually offend them. What they do do though, is get offended on behalf of other people in case, and because, they think the people they are going on a moral crusade to try to protect might get offended. But as usually is the case the people they think would be offended don't actually mind.

    I think Britain needs far more of this type of thing to stop this absurd over sensitivity towards things which we all agree is wrong and needs to be sorted out. It's because Britain is such a soft touch, and abides by EU laws which all other EU countries choose to flout, that immigration has got out of control.

    But, the people who are here illegally know that if they are caught they will be arrested so driving around with a sign telling them as much is a little pointless. However once they are arrested they are usually released on bail, despite being here illegally, because the detention centres are over crowded. Then surprise surprise they fail to appear for bail and disappear again. Then it starts all over again.

    Instead of this pointless cycle of arresting and releasing illegal immigrants which just serves to take up police time and money the government needs to put serious investment into the border services, ie triple it's size, to find and deport the estimated 570,000 who are here in a time scale which is realistic not the 30 to 40 years it would currently take.

    Should we show understanding and empathy to those who feel it necessary to gain entry to this country illegally? I feel sympathy for anyone who feels it necessary to go to such extreme measures to create a future for themselves. However, if these people are leaving their own country just to seek a better future then why do they they feel the need to travel thousands of miles across Europe and come all the way to Britain, why don't they stop at the first country they reach, or Italy, Spain, France, Germany. Why do they go to the farthest part of Europe to gain illegal entry, when they have already gained illegal entry and passed through several countries to reach here. It's because Britain is seen as, and is, a soft touch. And they know we'll hand out benefits to anyone and everyone who comes here. Then not deport them once they're caught because the system can't cope and politicians dealing with the problem is seen as racist and offensive.
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    Regarding border control, I fully agree that it needs to be tightened with more people working at the borders but in this economic climate the government won't care too much because it knows that there are other legal ways to get into the country anyway. For example, like you said, quite a lot of immigrants do stop at Italy, Germany etc and then come here after gaining citizenship in other countries.

    Furthermore more immigrants appear to come to the UK because the benefits system is a bit of a doss. Again that is the governments fault but they can't make one rule for natives and one rule for immigrants, as a result they keep it pretty lenient otherwise the natives would complain and create a big media storm if they lose a certain benefit even though there are thousands of them able to work but are not willing to do so and believe that just because they have been in the UK for xx generations that they are entitled to a free ride. Then they just fall back on "immigrants are taking our jobs blah blah" - again it is because they aren't willing to work as cleaners etc.

    Personally, I think that the minimum wage should be reduced to around £4, at least then native workers can be as wage competitive as immigrants with the advantage of knowing the language, being more interactive with society etc. I know this would cause a massive backlash but seeing as they are already earning benefits they should be glad that they have a job, and see the benefits as a top up for working.

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    Sorry I've gone wayyyy off topic - as above I believe that these vans are just inciting unnecessary hatred and I find the numbers of people who have actually left the country as a result of it to be a bit dodgy. Did they all state that the van was the only reason, or were they threatened with jail, or did they just want to leave the country anyway, was it due to a private crackdown etc?