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    Now before I say anything more, I'll start by saying that this has "Honda" in the name and that's where the similarities end. It is run by a company called Quindel under the Honda name but is not actually any part of Honda whatsoever.

    The only reasons I can really recommend using this service for are

    1) You get a guarantee your vehicle will be repaired by a Honda Approved Body Shop and not some shoddy Insurance Approved Repairer - often as not in my experience the Insurance Approved Repairer is chosen down to cost alone not quality of workmanship or materials used, proficiency or anything like that that actually matters to the Customer and vehicle owner.

    2) You don't have the hassle of dealing with your/the third party insurer. However you will still get your life plagued out of you by the ambulance chasers.

    Following a minor third party rear impact to my vehicle I contacted HAA after having scanned the leaflets stating the guaranteed Honda Approved Repairer and promising an equivalent Honda replacement car ***Subject to availability. This " ***Subject to availability" is a main issue as I'll explain.

    Having been contacted by HAA to give me the go-ahead to book my vehicle into the local Honda Approved bodyshop, I arranged the booking and then contacted the number HAA gave me to arrange the loan vehicle as I would be able to arrange it better with them once I had the booking date, rather than going back and forth between the three of us. Perfectly acceptable.

    I rang the number to book the replacement vehicle for the dates and the man who answered confirmed I have Accord EX I-DTEC manual and said he would double check to make sure one was available; which one indeed was as he confirmed. My car was booked in for 08:30 and he said that the earliest delivery they do is 09:00 but he would put 08:45 on the paperwork in case they could get there earlier. This arrangement was perfectly acceptable.

    I arrived at the body shop promptly at 08:35 on the day it was booked in thinking I had 10-25 minutes to wait which was perfect.

    As I went into reception I had a chat with the lads as I've dealt with them on and off over the years of owning Hondas. They pointed to an Insignia (which turned out on closer inspection to be dented and scratched with kerbed nearside front alloy and not as clean as it should be) which had been parked, obstructing their yard, by someone from a hire company who wandered around outside, not bothering to tell them who he was, why he'd dropped the car off and who it was for, at 08:10 before just buggering off.

    08:50 arrived so I contacted to HAA and spoke to someone to see if this car was actually for me, who was less than interested "They will have left keys in reception" was all he could say before actually bothering to try and contact the hire company. Eventually he spoke to them and said they were 5 minutes away and that I would ring back if they hadn't turned up by that time.

    20 minutes later I rang HAA and spoke to a lass (after being told everyone was "busy" for 15 minutes) who was even less interested than less than interested. "I'm unable to do anything" was the only sensible thing she could say. Excuses were made as to how the hire company had probably got stuck in traffic and she couldn't do anything about that and couldn't help me so I was getting quite frustrated by this point as I was now going to be an hour late, missing the start of an important conference call at work, at least. She could not explain why it appeared HAA hadn't provided the Accord as confirmed when the booking was made.

    Then two blokes turned up in an Astra from Europcar. My patience had worn thin by this point so the sarcasm wick was turned up full. One grunted a string of excuses as to why the weren't there when I got there, as if it was my fault they had turned up at the wrong time and far earlier than agreed.

    I asked if he knew he had got in the wrong car as Hondas don't have a griffin on the grille and did he know it was a Vauxhall NOT the Accord as confirmed by HAA. He than asked if I was familiar with the controls and that "We don't do Hondas nor do Enterprise". My problem in what way exactly?

    Don't get me wrong, it's not a massive issue I got an Insignia (the horrible, cheapy, crude probably the worst car to blight humanity ever that it is), it's the fact I've been mislead and treat like an inconvenience and as if it's my fault people can't seemingly follow and pass on simple instructions and agreements.

    The only plus point is I'll get my car repaired by Approved Honda Repairer, to the highest standard as these lads are best around.

    I'll use HAA again for this point alone but I'll be wise to their nonsense.

    It appears that the " ***Subject to availability" is a translation for "We won't even bother to try and provide an equivalent Honda". Yes they are probably difficult to hire as Honda won't sell cars at bargain basement to hire companies like they require. That's not a problem. It becomes a problem by them saying they will if it isn't true and doesn't actually happen though. I don't like deliberate deception.

    Apart from the quality of the repair, which will be top class, the overall experience gets 4/10 at best.
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    points truly noted, I would suggest giving your feedback to HCS just copy and send this thread to them via email. They need to get this feedback so they can take up this on their quarterly appraisals and implement customer services improvements and fulfil promises.
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    It's the same wherever you go, I had a similar incident in my gone, and still trying to be forgotten, Vauxhall Astra. This was 4 days before Christmas and I went through the Vauxhall Accident Management which managed the 3rd party insurance company for the claim.

    I had rang up and explained, I was due to take a couple of hundred mile trip over the following week for Christmas stopping at several houses up and down the country, together with my partner, 3 dogs and a load of luggage. I explained it was a tight fit in my Astra (the large 4th Generation and not the newer compact ones) but it worked, so I'd need something at least of that size. Was assured I'd receive a car of a similar or larger size, and they noted that even a newer Astra would be too small.

    What did I get? A Mini.

    ...and no possibility to change.
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    I think I might do just that CJ. I've been fully meaning to write to Honda and thank them for resolving my issue earlier this year just been so busy lately... This is a driving factor to do that as well. I'll keep them on separate correspondence as they are totally separate issues.

    It is always the same you're right Leo. You get all the promises and all the big, fancy talk but seldom are things delivered as pictured...
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    I have got my car back now after the repair work - I've missed her! :Sobbing:

    The repair work is excellent. Springfield have done a really good job so I have reviewed them separately as I don't want the shambles with HAA to drag their excellent service down.
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    The moral of the story is bypass HAA until Honda sort out these teething issues.. Good on Springfield sorting out the car:Thumbup:
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