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    Hi everyone.

    My 1995 Honda Accord had an IR keyless remote which unfortunately I lost. I have bought a second hand one off ebay thinking that I would be able to reprogram it to my car? I have looked at all the info on the internet and all the instructions given but as yet I have had no luck? I have done all the switching on and off with the key three or four times and pressing the button in-between but still no luck. I have also changed the batteries in the remote.

    My car is 1995 2 Ltr. EX which is fitted with an alarm and Immobilizer which is working (not sure if that is causing the problem). It is an IR keyless one button remote (the instructions I have found have only been for the two or three button ones, again that may be the problem) Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Adrian.
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    hi. had similar problem and key had to be re-coded by dealer :Sorry:
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    to enter programming mode you need one already paired (working) fob and then you can add next1. i tried to solve the same problem via honda dealer here but they told me its impossible. The best solution is to buy universal remote system and install it to the car. All other is wasting of money and time :Wink:
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    Hi thanks for the replies. It seems that Honda are unable to help me with this. It seems that the IR system is coded and unless I have the original code (which I don't) nothing can be done unless I change the whole system costing about £400. They have suggested a breakers yard from an old car which I am looking into. I have asked for a remote key fob and the receiver located by the drivers mirror. My question if anybody can help is, is this all that I would need or do I need further parts located in or around the car? I'm not sure if the internal receiver by the mirror is the main control unit which triggers everything to unlock and disarm the alarm? Thanks, Adrian.
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    if you don't have spare key it is start from scratch. you need complete compatible system, remote/ key and receiver. I had spare key so was ok but I have a Hyundai i30 also and the key came off the fob/remote got new remote fob and changed all the parts old to new but didn't notice that the battery was not fully in and lost the code, now the remote unlocks/locks all round but need to use old key for ignition till I get it sorted through Hyundai so can only guess that key and remote have different codes :Search:

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    sorry I meant to say that you may need receiver for ignition and other for unlocking as I did with Hyundai it may be different with Honda ?