Engine & Gearbox Honda Accord 2.2i vtec 1997 - clutch/rev problem??? HELP PLEASE!!!

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    new to this forum as this is the place where i feel i can get help for the problems that i am facing.

    i own a accord 2.2i VTEC 1997, the problem initially started when the clutch pedal started losing pressure, garage diagnosed it as master cylinder and slave which needed replacing, done that and still same, then they noticed brake hose pipe leaking, replaced that and problem solved.


    the clutch pedal started going very hard, i mean rock solid whilst driving, when you first drive it its soft but as you carry on shifting gears and pressing the clutch it goes rock solid, that is one problem which i don't know what is causing it and the main problem is, after the car is driven call it for around 40mins or so, when the car has warmed up, the revs start messing about, when you press the gas down the revs go up first and then the car shifts, first i thought it was the clutch slipping and so did the mechanics so we replaced the clutch with a brandnew clutch kit but still the problem remains

    it is very annoying when it happens as the car doesnt shift properly when it happens but if you turn the car off for a while whilst it cools off then its fine???

    also the engine light came on after the clutch was fitted but the problem was there before the clutch was changed

    need all the help i can get as i am really running out of ideas and i don't really want to scrap it but if i can't fix it then im gonna have to :Frown:

    i appreciate all the help i can get on this matter and thank everyone in advance :Smile:

    Thank You Very Much
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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Now it could be the slave cylinder which is not playing ball, but that is just speculation. Try another bleed of the system and see how it goes, hopefully it was just trapped air.
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    Does sound like you stil have a slave cylinder issue.

    You say both master and slave cylinders were changed ?

    Did you replace with new parts or second hand ?
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    Just remembered that although all parts were brandnew, the clutch master cylinder was a bit different to mine, it had a extra hole on the side which the mechanic shut off with a screw on bolt, otherwise it was more or less same clutch master. Can this be causing it?

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    check vacuum pipes does the brake pedal go hard as well
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    could be the brake servo? this may affect the cars running and provides assistance to the brakes. don't think it derectly affect the clutch pedal hardness but the master cylinder does attach to it so i would hazzard a guess at this being the culprit