Honda Accord 7th Generation Faults - Petrol and Diesel

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  1. In a nutshell as I understand it these issues are as set out below.

    Please add any I have omitted:

    Binding brakes especially at the back - can be sticking brake pad, sticking caliper piston, and/or degraded brake hose

    Front lower arm compliance bushes - split and eventually collapse altogether so the arm falls onto the subframe

    Front anti roll bar drop links

    Rear anti roll bar drop links

    Rear anti roll bar bushes

    Clutch master cylinder squeak /click
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    Re: Honda Accord 7th Generation Diesel Faults

    Misting headlights on the Pre-facelift
  3. Also the tailgate motor on the tourer can fail and is very expensive to replace.
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    tourer power tailgate issues, ranging from broken wires next to hinge, weak gas struts,burnt out clutch and faulty tailgate ECU's

    clutch slipping on diesels only

    worn driveshafts, mainly high mileage diesels

    dvd disc read errors on bult in sat nav units

    excessive rear tyre inner shoulder wear

    Intake manifold runner controll valve mafunction

    rear wheel bearings

    VSA modulator failure

    alternator front bearing failure

    seized injectors diesel

    exhaust manifold crack diesel

    there are many more which i am sure others will contribute but 90% of them are being coverd in depth allready and will of course be expanded on as the forum progresses.
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    anyone looking at this thread must realise it is not so say you will definately experiance them all. it is simply a guide as to what to look for and expect. for instance if a car has not got full dealer service history or high miles you need to check that these things are not going to sting you in the short term. all cars have there problems but you can do a few simple checks when buying a car or when looking after the one you have to minimise the problems you may encounter in the future.