Brochures & Promo Honda Accord Crosstour

Discussion in '9th Generation (2013)' started by numpty67, Thursday 3rd Apr, 2014.

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    ^^While this doesn't look "beautiful" (IMHO) I would be interested in a 4x4 Accord with a hatchback in the unlikely event that it ever came to the UK.

    Your resource of brochures is fascinating - really glad you have shared them :Thumbup:
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    its looks odd to me, only folks in North America love such quirky cars.4x4 over here mean higher c02 and tax bracket.. This whole nonsense of lower carbon foot print BS when China is building more coal fired power plants.

    We we muggers in the EU have to abide by rules when the rest of world laughs their heads off.
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    ^^Yes, it does look a bit odd, and for that reason I doubt it would be a success in the UK.

    However, the 4x4 "car" market seems to be growing - especially now with BMW offering "x-drive" on 1 & 3 series petrol and diesel. They seem to have reduced the C02 (reported at least!) to a reasonable level. Then you have Skoda with 4x4 Octavia and Superb, VW with the Passatt Alltrack and Audi have been doing "quattro" for years...even Vauxhall have (or had) a 4x4 Insignia and Alfa used to offer a 4x4 159 Estate (sorry, "Sportwagon")!

    I would love to see Honda run a 4x4 Accord Tourer in the UK using the CR-V system, or a variation on it. They'd sell at least one...:Grin: