Bulletins & Advisories Honda Accord Diesel Accessory Front Fog Lamp Relay Failure

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    Affected Models

    ModelModel CodeYear Model
    Accord SaloonCN12004 & 2005
    Accord TourerCN22004 & 2005

    The Symptom
    Accessory fit front fog lights are not working or are staying on all the time.

    The Cause

    The front fog light relay has been left hanging upside down behind the front bumper. This could be following a body or a warranty repair in this area. Water then runs down the fog light relay harness and enters the fog light relay causing a short circuit. In some cases, the relay may not have been fitted correctly when the fog lamps were originally installed. The photos below show correct fitment and incorrect fitment of the fog lamp relay.

    Correctly fitted relay

    Correctly fitted relay i-ctdi.

    Incorrectly fitted relay

    Incorrectly fitted relay i-ctdi.

    Affected VIN Range

    JHMCN1***4C000001 - JHMCN1***4C999999
    JHMCN1***5C000001 - JHMCN1***5C999999
    JHMCN2***4C000001 - JHMCN2***4C999999
    JHMCN2***5C000001 - JHMCN2***5C999999

    Repair Method
    If you see a member posting a thread for a front foglight problem or you are removing the front bumper for any other reason please check that the fog lamp relay is fitted correctly. If the relay is found to be hanging down behind the front bumper, you will need to check the relay harness and the relay terminals for any signs of corrosion. If there is no corrosion to the relay terminals or harness then refit the relay to the correct mounting bolt (as per photos). If there is corrosion or water ingress at the relay or harness (as seen below), or the fog lights are not working as expected then you will need to a Honda Dealer to investigate further.

    corrosion on fog connector.

    Parts Information
    <Part Number> <Part Name>
    39795-SB2-003 RELAY ASSY., POWER (4P) (MITSUBA) (RC-2201)