Introductions Honda Accord ES GT SatNav, 18" Delta Alloys, Auto

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    Hi Folks,

    I spent a while reading lots of threads on this forum after seeing an Accord ES GT that I really fancied.

    Having owned two previous nearly new Accords -7th Generation 2004 ICTDI EX model and 8th Generation I-DTEC ES model, when I reackoned my 60,000 mile ES was needing a clutch I decided it was time to trade it whilst I could still get good money for it. (I took the EX to 106,000 and kept it until 5 1/2 years old, and got buttons for it)

    I visited a Honda garage and spotted an 18 month old ES GT in Alabaster Silver with SatNav, 6 disk CD changer and premium audio syste, lovely 18" Delta alloys and automatic transmission. With under 14K under it's belt I did my research on here and discovered that it was a 2011 facelift model (clear indicators, chrome strip on boot, lower emissions, better MPG).

    Wasn't sure about the auto transmission as I've always had manuals and was used to 50mpg from them. Took it for a test drive with the wife and we were all convinced by the car. It was nice to have the part leather, especially on the doors as in my "fur" (as my son called it) clad ES was starting to get shabby on the drivers door.

    I took it for a spin up to Mallaig yesterday (I live in Central Scotland), a round trip of some 370 miles. It turned in 46mpg on the run (conservatively driven), so not too bad. It's got about 620 miles since I brimmed it and has just started asking for a drink stating 70 estimated miles left. [I filled it with 65 litres costing £92 when I purchased it last week].

    I found the Sat Nav extremely useful on the trip, I love the ability to easily zoom in and out, so much better than the Tom Tom portable I used before. The rise is much stiffer than the ES and hot a pot hole and you know all about it! The premium sound system with subwoofer is sublime, AC-DC never sounded better in a car! In true Accord fashion it just eats up the miles and even more so with the auto transmission.

    The ES never had the bluetooth phone system and that is just great too.

    I got home today and gave it a good valet in order to look for those scrapes and dings that you miss when looking at the car in the forecourt. It really is a clean clean car, with virtually nothing wrong at all. The alloys were a bit dirty but Bilberry (heard about on this forum) was applied using a small paint brush and those 18" Deltas are now looking the biz. Should I have informed my insurance company that the car is shod with these, as the Honda garage never even mentioned that an ES GT doesn't have these?

    Here are some photos that I took today after cleaning it:

    Delta Alloys after Bilberry treatment :

    Front view:

    Side view:

    Rear view:

    Rear side view:

    Side view:

    Front Side view:


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    Wonderful car Jim and great to have you join us!


    Yes, ES GT doesnt come with those wheels - they are an OEM option. Best to inform your insurance to be honest and to cover yourself just in case. :Thumbup:
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    Thanks for the welcome Dark Night.

    How comes I canny see my own post now BTW?
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    Nice looking car :Hooray:, I have resolved the image issue for you now.
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    Welcome to AOC:Hey:
    Really good looking car you have there:GoodJob:
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    Much appreciated guys and thanks for resolving those issues that I was having IchibanAccord.
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    Get some interior pics up if you can too :Thumbup:

    Never seen the inside of an ES GT before!
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    OK, will get some interior pic tomorrow. Cheers Jim.
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    Welcome to AOC Jim.

    Good to have yet another Accord enthusiast join us, third consecutive Accord, that's impressive.

    Great looking Accord you have there :Thumbup:
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    Honda Accord ES GT SatNav, 18" Delta Alloys, Auto

    Very nice looking car. Good numberplate too !!
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    Lovely looking car, silver is a great colour for the Accord and (relatively) easy to look after. Seeing yours so clean reminds me that I MUST sort mine out soon!!Much prefer the front and rear bumper treatment on the ES GT compared to my EX too.

    A couple of points interest me in your post...

    I have a 2012 EX I-DTEC auto, and I also think the auto box really suits the car - nice and smooth. Some of the car magazines seem obsessed with DSG autos with 7 or 8 speeds, but I think 5 speeds well matched to the car & engine are fine, and the Accord is proof of that.

    In terms of the SatNav, I've seen some criticism of the Honda system but for me it works brilliantly and is really easy to follow. I have the map on the left side of the screen and the upcoming instructions on the right, easiest system I have ever used and SOOOO much better than my previous Garmin Nuvi!
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    Re: Honda Accord ES GT SatNav, 18" Delta Alloys, Auto

    Interior picture:

    View attachment 7848

    - - - Updated - - -

    The auto has transformed my driving - calmed me right down, so that I can get a decent MPG! Filled it today at 660 miles on clock, £94 for 65 litres of diesel, just under 46mpg according to the computer. 14.298 gallons, so 46.16 MPG

    Out of interest I'll give it a damn good thrashing to see how low I can get it!

    I agree that the ratios in D mode are great. Was never a fan of the 6 speed box on my ES I-DTEC, the Executive ICTDI had a 5 speed box that I preferred.

    As for the Satnav, in this day and age to use a DVD player in the boot as the source of the info is just stupid! 64G SD cards are £30 and could be plugged right into a head unit, but as for functionality it is really really good and I'm so glad that I got it.

    Yeah the EX looks a bit like my old ES from the outside, the ES GT with it's body kit is dead sexy.

    Thanks for the compliment.
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    Hey bud and welcome.

    Love the motor Very nice with the Deltas :Thumbup: