Engine & Gearbox Honda Accord Exhaust Manifold issue

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    Hi to all

    Although I am a first time poster I have already learnt so much from this site since joining a few weeks ago. I suffered from the blinking glowplug light issue and so far my new filter seems to have cured it so many thanks to the forum

    Unfortunately I did not find this site in time for my other issue. The exhaust manifold split. My 54 plate accord was 7 years old back last October so have missed out on the warranty fix although I have raised a case with Honda UK to see what gets offered.

    My question is does anyone know when Honda discovered this issue and decided to increase the 3 year warranty to 7 years? The previous owner of my car was Honda and was used as a company car. I am hoping this may help my case if the fault was known when they owned it.

    Many Thanks in advance
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    Matt Peterborough
    They may have known about the manifold problem as a TSB was issued, it is not a 'automatic' recall item. But it is only replaceable under the extended warranty if the problem arises.

    If the problem didn't arise while they owned it they would had no reason to replace it. But please keep us informed of your outcome with Honda UK and if an offer is made.
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    What kind of mileage you got m8 think i had well over 135k when mine was replaced, Honda supplied part and i had to pay labour which is 2-3hrs
  4. Hi and welcome to AOC.

    I don't think this job is expensive as some other issues such as the VSA or flywheel, but it would still be great to get a contribution from Honda like Dave did, so good luck with that.
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    Thanks for the replies

    I have called Honda Customer Care and they will not change it under warranty or help with any costs. Although this is no real surprise it does annoy me that people have had their car fixed and only paid labour costs with a car six months past the end of warranty like mine. It seems a complete lottery of which ever dealer you go to that you received help or not.

    The quote the dealer gave me was for £810 and it will take 3 hours to change. This will take me 4-5 months to save up and in the meantime cannot let my 9 month old in the car.
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    I am sorry to hear that they would not help but you got no leg to stand on,unfortunately your car is out of warranty and nothing you can do about it.You could ask them again nicely to help you out with this or you can repair it on your own expense.I paid 1400£ for air con compressor and car was out of warranty by a month.I am not defending Honda just saying how it is.
  7. It's a generous extension to 7 years or 125000 miles and they have to draw the line somewhere...I agree it can seem inconsistent though.

    It might be worth seeing if our affiliated dealer Holdcroft Honda can offer a more competitive quote if you mention you are from AOC.
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    Matt Peterborough
    Would getting the old one welded be a cheaper option?
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    As mentioned, I am not surprised that I am not getting help with an out of warranty part. A line has to be drawn. I am surprised that some dealers are more understanding than others. and I am angry at the secrecy of the hazardeous fault. An increase in warranty is useless if we are not told about it the same we would with a recall.

    Thanks for the recommedation. I will try Holdcraft but I thought Honda dealers had a fixed price repair?
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    Ok Thanks Sayama. I will try them tomorrow if I get time
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    I would ring HH if i was you I had my timing chain changed by them for 1k was quoted £3169 by another dealer
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    I have the same problem and I'm wondering if this is a viable option. Did you find out?

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    As second hand car owners they only person who you should blame is the previous owners , the warranty extension is their but Honda will not go chasing people to get it repaired.

    Its shame you have encountered this issue after you bought but it reinforces the fact buyers need to do their homework prior buying too. I tell everyone looking for a I-CTDI Accord, just because it has the Honda name on it don't expect cast iron givens such as ultra reliability.

    Keep us posted what you do to get this addressed ..best of luck.

    Thats why I have a I-DTEC.:Happy:
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    Mikem is right you have to do your homework ... I found this site before buying my diesel and read up on issues. I knew when I bought mine that the manifold was leaking even though the dealer said it was not. I still bought it obviously, and went straight to Honda dealer who confirmed and replaced as was still few months within the warranty period. This site over the time I have owned my car has saved me a fortune.