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    Hello this is my first post so hope to explain clearly.I have a Hond Accord 2000 Automatic car,initially the battery light was staying on,so the alternator was changed,still the same, so another New alternator was put on,the light does not come on but the battery is not getting charged,the Garage is of the belief that it is the wiring at fault. However I have spent a lot of money so far,so I am wondering if it is a lost cause. Has anyone any experience of these cars and wondered if it is a manufacturing fault. I would appreciate any help or advice anyone may be able to give.Thankyou.
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    Nothing's ever a lost cause so to speak, if you have a new alternator on and the timing belt is correctly fitted then the loss of power is simply between the alternator and the battery. I'm no expert and someone here will be able to advise you a little better. You're probably just looking at a frayed wire or loose contact.
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    The first thing you need to do is confirm there is no output from the alternator with a multimeter.
    Also be absolutely sure that the alternator is earthed properly.
    I would be suspicious of your battery, how old is it?
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    Battery is the cheapest part to change. don't Halfords do free battery and alternator checks?

    Euro Car Parts have a sale on at the moment also, cheap batteries.
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    :Rolf: Rich is on a mission to let people know you can buy stuff outside Honda dealership.
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    Getting your battery from HH is a no brainier at their prices.
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    Thankyou for your reply. The battery is fine I know the battery and alternator are working fine. The wiring seems suspect.??
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    Why are you suspicious of the wiring?
    A duff battery won't hold a charge properly.
    The wiring is quite simple to an alternator.
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    Get the battery checked out with a voltage meter, it should be around 13-14 when engine is on etc. I had a flat battery the other day and had to call the AA and he diid some tests and the battery was running on lower voltage which explained a few things such as the car taking longer then it should to fire up. Thanks to the advice of members here I ordered a OEM battery from Holdcroft Honda at an amazing price £42 delivered next day! would recommend to buy from them if you need a new battery.

    PS: If you have AA membership, run down your battery and call them up, they will check your battery and alternator. :Wink:
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    Well the answer to that is the mechanic tested both and I can only go by what they say.
    Obviously I have gone to the wrong people ie mechanic rather than an auto electrician, as is needed. As I have already spent a fortune no funds left looks
    like I will sell for spare or repair. Thankyou for your reply.
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    I think you've learnt that this mechanic has taken your money and not fixed the problem, have you complained to them? Trading standards?

    Be aware that loads of places do free car checks these days, batteries, alternators, tyres exhausts etc etc. Halfords, Kwik-fit, Bosch auto centres, AA, RAC

    don't part with any money until you've had at least 2 opinions and quotes to fix.

    Hope you get it sorted or sell it.
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    Seams like you have had a bum deal here regards getting your car fixed. Sounds to me like some sort of wiring fault. If you can rule out the battery and alternator the next thing to check would be the condition of the wire between alternator and battery. It does sound like you may have thrown the towel in tho.
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