General Honda Accord Petrol & Diesel Power Delivery

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  1. It's interesting to compare and contrast the two and how they might impact on driving styles.

    With the petrol it's simply a case of the more revs, the more power, so unlocking the power means climbing the rev range and staying there

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    But with the diesel 7th Generation there is an optimum range past which the power drops off, so seems to make sense to change up at 3k because the engine has nothing more to offer after that, as further increased revs are counterbalanced by torque drop-off

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    Re: Honda Accord Petrol & Diesel Power Delivery

    On the 7th Generation it has static intake manifold so the torque curve is consistent and predictable and the best way to move off the blocks is to use that torque and change up at the sweet spot. The sweet spot for the 7th Generation 2.4 is 4300 RPM . Hit that spot you will see it make a massive difference and your progress is really good however this is not ideal for fuel efficient due to the static manifold. It drinks fuel ...

    on the 8th Generation it has a variable length intake and flaps which increase the intake swirl or shorten it for the optimum ram air effect. On low RPM the flaps within the intake manifold are wide open increasing the length for more torque at low rpms .The 8th Generation has excellent torque feel from low rpms till 4300 RPM and makes driving it really easy. Once past the 4300 to 5500 RPM the flaps close making the intake manifold shorter for top end. The 8th Generation is so versatile in all engine RPM bands their is never feel you are out of torque. On the 7th Generation you have to drop two gears to re-engage the torque on the 8th one drop is sufficient.

    Cliff you need to drive the 8th Generation the 7th Generation engine is so outdated when compared to the intelligent 8th Generation. 8th Generation engine has beautiful intake and exhaust note it makes it a rewarding drive .

    diesel not bothered what they do tbh , never liked them never own them.:Whistle::Whistle:
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    After previous petrol-engined ownership I do really enjoy the I-CTDI torque delivery... makes long-distance driving a relaxing joy. And getting mid-40s MPG is a massive bonus.

    It is, however, a little 'short-legged' in first and second gears, so obviously no good for racing chavs around industrial estates at night... if I wanted to do that, then I'd have to buy a petrol version. Or use the wife's MR2 roadster!
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