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    I have had my 8th Generation for 12 months now and when I brough it it had 71k on the clock and had just been serviced. 12 months later it is now on 79k. My question is I have not got a service light appear yet or any indication of when the car is due a service. Do the Accords have a service light, can you check how long to service. My A4 used to give me a countdown to the next service in days and mileage.

    I have a 2010 2.2 I-DTEC ES GT model .

    Thanks for your help
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    Thanks Nels

    Looks like mine has been switched off as I cannot see any of the service info on the display (Mine is an ex-lease car). Should I have this switched back on and if so how is this done or should I leave it off and service it every 12000? miles or so.

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    Unfortunately once SvRS is turned off it's not possible to turn it back on.
    Just stick to annual 12500 service intervals .
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    I can't find that pdf either. @DeviateDefiant can you see if we have this anywhere ?
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    Appears that CJ added in the link manually after the attachment was created in another post so it hasn't converted over when we went to HK. As the name doesn't contain the original ID, I can't find it. However it should be attached on the original post somewhere on the site still.

    I believe the post was in the "Dealers, Garages & Body Shops" section judging by the link.
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    Thanks. I have a search in a while.
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    I will fix the link fella . I have the PDF but Honda dealers don't use the 12&24 sheets .. Another example of Honda Europe making plans but what is implemented on the ground is another thing and what is put to practice is another thing.

    If you ask me there is no conformity and willingness for all dealers to follow the flow chart system set by Honda . Honda Europe went to lengths to sell this idea of one rule for all, call me a cynic but the entire dealership top hierarchy went to a national dealer conference for all paid up piss up ..but this has not been implemented.

    My personal take is its in direct conflict with legacy service regimes!! its a proper mess if you ask me and then SvRS well that the illegitimate child of Japan..

    No wonder why the customer is so confused what printed in the owners manual ,Honda Uk's website, dealers & forum.. who do you trust?