Introductions Honda Accord Sport 2001 EGR issues

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    Hi everyone,

    Firstly would like to introduce myself to this forum, I am new to this, so please bear with me..
    My name is Dave from Berkshire and have owned Honda's for quite a few years now.. previously owned a Prelude import 2.2si.. now have the more sensible Accord... which I've now owned for almost 3 years, and it has been superb.. except for the EML light being on constantly and has been for approximately 18months.. now the MOT rules have change.. I need to get the EML light reset.... i had the codes read and it identified a possible issue with the EGR valve (insufficient air flow) I had the EGR cleaned & smoked tested.. the light went off for approiximatley 60 miles.. now it is back on.... I took it back to the garage.. they said they have work on and replaced a pin connector - Light off..

    However.. i think they may have done something else to cover this up ?? as the EML light doesnt work at allnow.. not even with just ignition on...
    The garaghe said ... ohhh maybe the bulb has blown which appears to be a little bit of a coinincidence ??

    Are there any tricks in the trade that can do this so I can challenge this ? otherwise I will need to rip out the dash to replace 1 single bulb... not happy...

    By the way. .the EGR does not give the car any symptons as it drives perfectly....

    Thank you for listening :Smile: