Electrical & Lights honda accord tourer 04 license plate wiring failure.

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by Digbybeagle, Thursday 26th Oct, 2017.

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    i could not agree more.
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    The only time this might be excused, is if it was an independent garage, as those don't usually have facilities to wash down or clean cars, though they do make an effort to not to get the car dirty.
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    So independants employ sub standard workers?? I can tell you that this is not so, a fancy frontage and a suit and tie do not make for a good service. PS those in the suits should make sure the grease monkeys do the job properly.
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    Yes it’s all down to a good business practice and follow through. Just plain laziness..
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    That is not what I was getting at, often independent garages have very high standards of work and practices to ensure customers cars come back to them repaired properly, what I was merely pointing out that independent garages do not always have the availability to fully clean interior parts, where as dealerships generally have a wash bay where a customers car may be valeted before being returned to them.
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  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Just caught up with this thread.
    Shocking that a main dealer has damaged the interior trim and that it took so long to discover faulty lamp holders.

    Whilst you have received good service in the past, I hope this is just a one-off. I would certainly be having a stern, but polite, 'chat' with the SM.
    If you car is 10 years old, or brand new, they should be taking care of it, not causing damage. They need to make amends!

    I hope they change the holders in a more professional manner.

    Keep us posted.
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