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    My friend bought ( I suggest him) accord 2.2 diesel in april from Honda dealer(180 mileas from over city) with 88k on the clock. Since he bought it has got problem with DPF. First time in May honda dealer in Norwich clean and recodnition (what's ??) DPF but problem comes back every month. Yesterday problem come back again and he put car to honda garage. They call him today that DPF need to be replaced (over £1000), and Honda UK refused to cover it under waranty as car has got 92k on the clock (even that the problem was since 88k). They advice him to call to the dealer where he bought it and ask them to pay for it or repair it. He called them and they sad that they need to speak with Honda Garage from Norwich.

    My question is, what for is this HONDA WARRANTY FOR APRROVED CARS ? Especially that we asking salesman if this warranty cover it? He sad that this warranty is like for new cars so cover all.

    Any advice what to do with this ?
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    12 month approved car warranty should cover that it's clear cut. Don't stand for it
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    Hope it gets resolved Mushroom.

    I was thinking it should be covered CJ but didn't want to say anything in case I was unintentionally misinforming mushroom and getting hopes up.
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    hi....just come back from holiday...basicly dealer which sold car and honda uk refused to replaced DPF filter, my friend went to local garage they twice try to force ECU to start burning DPF (or something else), and after it DPF is working ok. Cost him £60, but my friend say that he will complain to HONDA uk as his car has got HONDA APPROVED USED CAR WARRANTY. He contact traiding standarts as car was nearly two weeks off road and they refused to repair. To be clear some more information:
    1. 10.02.2014 he bought car from Honda Crawley 88700m on clock
    2. 05.2014 first time problem with DPF, car in lump mode, regeneration done by Honda Norwich 89500k on the clock
    3. 06.2014 second time DPF blocked, again honda norwich etc,, 90k on the clock
    4. 08.2014 third time, honda norwich sad that they can't fix it, DPF need to be replaced, honda uk refused to pay for it.
    Now car working ok, but for how long ? Why there is no warinig lights that DPF need regeneration ??

    Thanks for help
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    Honda extended warranty is a total rip off
    I've had multiple issues with my ex gt and the dealer refused any repairs
    Honda uk said they have no authority on used cars (HONEST!!)
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    Could you list to what your were decline on ,let's have a proper debate rather than it's a rip off.
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    Doing a forced regen will remove the error even if the filter is clogged its matter of time it gets clogged.on what grounds were the claim declined on ?
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    they refused to replaced DPF filter
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    Yeh sorry bout that but I've had quite a long ongoing issue with this car and the supplying dealer (guilder honda Rotherham)

    Stick with this as it's a long story sorry.

    I purchased the car June 2013 after looking everywhere for an exgt I-DTEC.
    I'm in manchester but was prepared to travel for the right car.
    I finally found this one at a purchase price of £10400 2009 reg 70 thou on clock and paid a deposit over the phone to secure
    After a regrettably short test drive and with over enthusiasm I agreed to buy the car.
    I have to state that it was raining heavily when I turned up to view.
    I was told that the car comes with 2 years extra warranty( more on this later)
    Signed forms week later and drove car away.
    After 20 mins or so I noticed some of speakers were blown but thought ill sort it when I get home.
    Also noticed steering wheel was slightly to the right but again thought I'll deal with it when I get home.
    It was pouring with rain coming back over the snake pass with lots of traffic added to the fact it was all new to me I really doesn't notice much.
    Once home I looked at the warranty docs and rang my local honda dealer 4 miles away bout the speakers
    They weren't interested saying supplying dealer was responsible for the first 14 days after purchase
    Contacted guilder honda who then said bring it back and we will have a look.
    Now I don't have time to just nip round to Rotherham 150 mile+ round trip
    Also noticed a few rust spots plus a few other niggles so mentioned those aswell.
    Drove up the following weekend and dropped car off and they gave me a Civic to use but no petrol expenses.
    Drove back the following weekend to pick car up after much debating thru the week that the speakers were not covered
    They finally convinced honda uk it was a warranty claim.
    Asked them to meet me half way but they refused so left work in Liverpool the following Friday 3.30pm after ringing them and telling them I'll be the 6-6.30pm. As you can imagine it was a long journey at peak time on a Friday.
    Got within 4 miles of the place around 6pm and received a call from the manager saying quite abruptly that she won't be staying much longer and will wait only 10-15 mins more, I found this astonishing !!
    I must say through all this I never really noticed the slight steering pull but did notice the offset steering wheel but I thought I'll just get it tracked up when I get time.
    I booked it into my local honda dealer for 4 wheel alignment and they charged me £100 but said they straightened the steering wheel but it still pulls to the left and I needed 2 new tyres on front and this should sort it
    The steering wheel pull was now much worse so I put new tyres on front but this did not cure it
    Had my car serviced a 5 months later by another honda specialist and that it almost certainly tracking.
    So took to an independent tracking specialists and they said alignment was ok.
    Dug out my HP agreement and noticed I'd been charged £400 for it but this was not mentioned
    Rang back guilder honda and complained but the manager said the salesmen definitely told us it was chargeable (he lied)
    Several phone calls to honda uk and the dealer resulted in honda uk telling me the manager at guilder honda would not budge
    And there's nothing they can do as it's a used car, they can only act if it's new.
    I've now been told after explaining the steering problem that it's not covered under warranty and I must have bumped the car or there was a underlying problem with suspension.
    So to summarise I've was missold a warranty that just about covered the speakers after many calls to the supplying dealer and honda uk and have a car that is dangerous to drive that I cannot afford to be looked at, and have 4 more years of finance

    Sorry this was so long, I've had to leave loads out lol
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    Did you use your credit card to pay for any part of it, even the deposit?

    Also, with HP as soon as you pass halfway you can hand the car back. Something to do with the fact that you now own more of the car than the HP company and it's primarily "hire" purchase, ie you are hiring it with the option to purchase at the end.
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    Jesus christ @Roach3 what an absolute nightmare, firstly the speakers are a well known issue that Honda issued a TSB for to dealers, and as such even on cars out of warranty they normally cover at least part of the replacement cost themselves.

    Tracking, do you have the report from the independent garage we can look at? The Accord 7th and 8th Generation are renowned for being sensitive on the tracking side, the stock set-up comes with static upper arms on the rear and as such camber cannot be adjusted and they do wear over time (a large number of us have aftermarket adjustable arms), importantly they're very sensitive to tyres. You want quality reinforced tyres on balanced wheels - that alone has rectified the issue for many people. I've experienced two sets of cheap tyres on my 7th and both were a nightmare, my Michelin Primacy 3 XLs drive perfect. You need decent rubber, new or not. It's often a combination of camber arms, tracking, wheel balancing and tyres which sorts it all out - that was certainly the case with my '03 Accord (and I'm going through the same process now with my '07). Many people jump straight into thinking there's something wrong with the steering rack (I had the same conclusion back when), but I'm yet to actually see that issue in reality to date - it always gets sorted with the above, I hope you're no exception.

    Regarding the £400, if you have a signed agreement saying you needed to pay it - you're out of luck. If it was a verbal agreement, it's your word against theirs, and with the evidence of a warranty you have a good case for a VISA dispute. I'd be throwing legal action at them if that didn't work. With business in general, no-one wants to pay out if they can avoid it, and they will avoid it until the pressure gets too much - that's often why people get HUK involved directly because they can overrule - have you spoken to them yourself? If that doesn't pan out it's card disputes and small claims court action, anything you can to keep the pressure on.

    As much as I love and support the brand - lately I'm starting to become very against Honda dealers, I've seen so many cases of misrepresentation, corner cutting, bad work and even out right lying. It's hurting the brand, and HUK to the best of my knowledge aren't doing anything about it. What I can tell you is that Honda are suffering right now - there's 3 models selling and in tiny numbers, there's a year to go until the new Civic Type-R, Jazz, NSX and HR-V, there's serious pressure right now to squeeze money and keep figures high for the stock holders - they're trying to save money everywhere possible.

    One thing I will say though, I'm glad @Holdcroft Honda are here to look after the club because they never do wrong by our members.
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    I'm absolutely positive that when i took my 7th Generation to get the tracking done he had a second set of tolerances on the system which were tighter and could be used if still experiencing problems. Check back my threads to about two years ago as i world have posted it on here.

    I'm also very disappointed with Honda dealers at the moment but more because of the damage to the brand reputation. To be fair it's only the service department and they have been putting most things right now, although i paid a grand on the credit card to get the section 75 protection.

    I really want them to improve not so much for personal reasons but for Honda. My work keeps seeing me coming in with a courtesy car and I hate having to explain why. Great cars which are going to end up being let down by something so easily addressed.

    Is there anything that can be developed which could turn into a strong voice for people with Hondas in a positive way though without attracting negative attention, if you know what i mean? I'm thinking something more official or affiliated?
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    Great post mate
    I'll admit I did put cheep tyres on the fronts and maybe with luck your solution is the problem I have
    I've posted a detailed description of my steering problem in another thread on this forum and maybe you could take a look at that and see what you think.
    I actually work in the motor industry for jaguar land rover and I know the pressures they are under to cut costs e.t.c
    But this dealer was at another level.
    The manager was probably lied to by the salesman and she's stood by him and yes it was her word against ours
    I would never have chosen the warranty if I had known I was paying for it because I know honda engines are very reliable
    And they don't really cover anything else of note that I couldn't pay for myself.
    I've not put everything into my post as I didn't want to send everyone to sleep but as an example....
    This car came with a one year guarantee anyway all honda approved cars do so when I suggested that my car now has three years warranty due to the extra two years I had supposedly just paid for she insisted it was only now two....
    I did speak to honda uk and they rang on my behalf but the manager was adamant that I was told the warranty was payable
    Both my wife and I were shocked as we both heard no mention of money.
    When a salesman says "this car comes with a two year warranty" I take that as complimentary.

    I've was so disgusted with their attitude I never went back.
    All this was June 2013 I did think of going ombudsman for a miss selling case but decided against it.

    I will dig out that tracking report over weekend and post it.
    Again thanks for your reply mate
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    Cheap tyres will be the first issue unfortunately, it's a pain but it's true. I have two pairs of them sitting in the back garden because I won't run them on my Accord :Laughing: Unfortunately the previous owner thought differently.

    One of the club's staff members does too :Smile:

    Quite simply if the car comes with a two year warranty, that's taken as "inclusive" no two ways about it - it's a shame it isn't fresh because there's a lot more lines of recourse and you have a stronger hand to play when the warranty has just been taken. Unfortunately the dealer ringing HUK on your behalf means they gave their version of events and not yours - dealers won't put themselves in the pooper with the hand that feeds.

    Either way I hope as a club we can help get your issues sorted and get you back to enjoying trouble free Honda driving :Smile:

    Your line of thought is similar to my own my friend, infact I've just come off the phone to CJ after an hour long discussion on the HUK situation in general and how we can as a club work in a positive manner to support member's experiencing these kind of issues with dealers. We're working at the moment to see if there's anyway we can properly open up a line of communication, and maintain an open dialog with Honda. It's something we still need to discuss further, but it's something I feel very strongly about and hope to action accordingly on behalf of the club. I will let you know further developments as they come about.
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    Having read that I am disgusted, TBH this sort of callous and arrogant display of customer service is very much alive and kicking in nearly all northern Honda dealers. I class them as wide boys. This stems from Honda cars not selling and what do sell well get it out with little or no work to get margins high.

    I would strongly recommend you take this further with Honda directly via their customer relations team, they will sort it.
  17. John Dickson Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Well said CJ! As a northern Honda customer for best part of ten years I can see the downturn in standards. Not good.
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    I remember this being raised on here before but I'm keen to see what can be done to help improve things rather than take a negative route against them. I made sure my call with Honda UK today is treated as an enquiry only at the moment and not a complaint. I wonder if there will be any change if Scotland goes independent?
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    I am not blaming or getting at the staff here i think it's a case of pressure from above (wherever that may be) if anything