In-Depth Honda Auto Stop Function

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    This is commonly asked question regarding Auto Stop Function and how to interpret what the various Auto Idle Stop symbols which maybe displayed on the i-MID.

    1) If this symbol is being displayed then the Auto Idle Stop system is in operation.


    2) if this symbol is being displayed the the Auto stop is not available for one of the following reasons list below.


    • The vehicle did not exceeded 3 KM/H (2 MPH) before coming to a stop.
    • Reverse gear has been selected.
    • Humidity in car is too high.
    • The steering wheel has been turned.

    3) Auto stop is not available due to engine temperature either too high or too low.


    4) The idle stop system is not available due to a parameter not being meet in the climate control unit.
    See reasons below

    • The temperature is set to maximum hot (Hi) or minimum cold (Lo)
    • Mode is set to screen defrost/demist.
    • If the actual cabin temperature and the set temperature on the climate unit is too great the climate control unit not will permit auto stop function.
    • The Higher the fan speed is set to can also have an influence on Auto Stop function
    5) This message appears when:


    • You try to start engine without clutch fully depressed.
    • The Auto Stop system requires the engine to restart, for example ambient conditions cause the windows to fog up, or the climate control settings are changed while in auto stop.
    • Seatbelt not being worn
    • Gear lever is not in neutral
    6) Auto stop will be prohibited when this symbol is displayed, it will appear when car is in any gear other than neutral.


    7) Auto Stop will not operate when this message is displayed due to:


    • Battery or charging error.
    • Incorrect battery fitted to the vehicle (non auto stop battery).
    8) This message will appear when there is a fault within the Auto Stop system and it will not function correctly.


    To sum up

    The engine automatically restarts when:
    The clutch pedal is depressed.
    The engine will automatically restart when the gear lever is neutral without the clutch being depressed when:
    The auto stop OFF button is pressed
    The vehicle is moved
    Brake pressure is repeatedly applied when creeping in traffic (due to low vacuum in brake servo)
    The battery charge becomes low
    The steering wheel is turned
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