Body, Paint & Styling Honda Bosal Detachable Towbar Covercap

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    Hi all you good folks out there
    Recently bought a 2008 model which has a detachable towball Bosal towbar fitted by Honda (Swindon I think) has a Honda red and silver badge on it - came complete with removable ball hitch, 2 keys etc - but it doesn't have the plastic? covercap which should be in place when the towball has been removed.
    Does anyone know where I might get one from?
    Your help is always gratefully appreciated.
    Cheers Paul
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    Hi Nels
    Many thanks for that.
    HH were very helpful, part can be obtained - price is a bit steep at £25 - so maybe will try and find one on ebay - but will keep it clean in the meantime.
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