Honda Civic ES-T - iDrive

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    Honda. Price: £20,480
    Engine capacity: 1.8-litre i-VTEC
    Power output (PS @ rpm): 142 @ 6,500
    Top speed (mph): 134
    0-60 mph (seconds): 9.6
    Fuel economy (mpg): 46.3
    CO2 emissions (g/km): 145

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    I am a Honda convert for a few months, and I had made up my mind the Accord was for me. At the showroom the sales guy pressed rather aggressively I took the Civic out for a spin, before I test drove the Accord.

    It was clear that Civic has a lot of toys like i-MID etc but the price of a fully loaded Civic and EX Accord was a no brainer for me.The ride dynamics of the Accord are more driver focused and better mannered, the build quality was far superior and for the only the extra £3000.00 you get a better car in all aspects. Civic drives better but looking at civinfo and other Civic forums they have their problems. The Accord is the MOST reliable car in the UK, and that’s a fact, and my father-in-laws cars have covered over 23000 miles with not a single issue.

    The price diffrence.

    2012 2.2 Civic Diesel EX OTR price 24,575.00

    2013 2.2 Accord Diesel EX OTR price 27,605.00 Accord

    Accord is worth every penny of the differential.
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