Autocar Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC first drive review

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    Civic Tourer-141. Late-stage prototype proves Honda’s seriousness about extending Civic’s appeal. Still quirky, but now extra sensible with it.A prototype of the forthcoming Honda Civic Tourer, bound for UK showrooms in early 2014. And it’s aimed directly at the market-leading compact estate – the Skoda Octavia Estate. Alright, maybe the Octavia isn’t actually so small – but it does have more than 600-litres of boot space under the parcel shelf; something that European buyers are responding to in large numbers. Target number one for the Civic load-lugger, then, was to match that boot volume.And thanks to the Civic’s space-efficient torsion beam rear suspension system, they’ve hit the bullseye. Seats up and tonneau in place, you get more than 600 litres of storage here, rising to more than 1500 litres with everything folded: numbers that could put a BMW 3-series Touring in the shade. And all that from a car you wouldn’t guess belonged at the capacious end of the class by the way it looks outwardly.