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    Ito - honda boss. Jazz-based compact crossover to provide a smaller option to the CR-V 4x4 Honda will be building a compact SUV based on the next-generation Jazz supermini, company CEO Takanobu Ito has said. Speaking to Autocar earlier today at Honda’s Tochigi R&D centre, he confirmed that the new Jazz — due in 2014 — will include SUV and saloon versions as the model becomes a true global car. Ito would not expand on the likely form of the Jazz SUV but described it as a ‘younger brother to the new CR-V’.
    Ito said that the Jazz was ‘strategically’ very important for Honda over the ‘next five to ten years’ as it seeks to increase sales from this year’s 4 million units to 7 million units by 2017. Honda also had no plans to sell the new budget Brio supermini outside its target market of South East Asia and India. Ito said that Honda was not interested in introducing a ‘low cost brand’ into Europe and would, instead, concentrate on ‘increasing the attractiveness’ of the Civic.
    He also ruled out an ‘affordable sport car’ rival to the Toyota GT86, saying that Honda would address that market niche with the new Civic Type- R, which will arrive in 2015.

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    This is excellent news thank you Honda for having some vision, now build the car quickly.