In-Depth Honda Connect Frequently asked questions & Device compatibility list

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    The new Honda Connect is an internet connected audio system that not only plays audio via various sources (FM/AM, DAB, CD*, iPod, USB, and Bluetooth), it alsouses the customers Smartphone or mobile Wi-FI device as an internet source for other audio / video.
    *Only Navigation equipped models have a CD player.
    It also provides the Hands Free Telephone (HFT) functions and there is the option to have GPS based navigation. As this type of technology may be new to many owners, who are likely to ask many questions about how to operate the system, so to be able to answer those questions, we have put together what we feel will be frequently asked questions and their appropriate answers.

    The Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Honda Connect
    See attached PDF

    Device compatibility list
    Also attached is a Honda Connect Device Compatibility list, it shows device compatibility with Honda Connect for the Hand Free Telephone, Bluetooth audio and WiFi functions.

    Developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium, MirrorLink is a way of using in-car display and controls to access selected approved apps directly from a
    smartphone whilst driving. It allows customers to be connected and responsible at the same time. This means only Apps that will not
    distract are available when on the move. The Honda Connect is fully compatible with MirrorLink v.1.1, Devices that are Mirrorlink 1.0 are not compatible
    with Honda Connect and will not work via Mirrorlink. To find a list of MirrorLink 1.1 compatible devices you can visit the MirrorLink website at Welcome to MirrorLink | MirrorLink and look in the consumers section.

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    Oh I so wish I could get one of those and stick in my 7th Generation :rasta:
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    Thanks so much for sharing the PDF! Do you know where we can download the compatible version of that Garmin app? I can't find it in the Google Play Store.
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