Bulletins & Advisories Honda Connect in-car audio update during PDI

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    In anticipation of the new Honda Connect a Android based internet connected audio system, Honda is gearing up all dealers with information so the customers get the best possible experience before the new cars are handed to them.

    Honda have issued the following TSB #SO-10-010-00 dated 20-10-14 for call cars equipped with Honda connect.The dealers will do the below update as their duty of care to the new car owners, but this process can be used to update the system by the customer too.

    Some 15 YM cars will be fitted with the new Honda Connect in-car audio and information system, This is a new Android based internet connected audio system that uses the customers Smartphone as an internet source. Before the customer receives their new car, the Honda Connect unit will require an update to be carried out to ensure that the customer gets the very latest versions of the on-board Apps etc. This update should be carried out as part of the PDI process and will require the unit connecting to the internet via Wi-FI to download the updates.

    You should preferably connect the unit to the internet via your workshops\Home Wi-FI router to guarantee a quick and stable source of internet data. This could be either the router used for your Honda HART diagnostic equipment or other dealer Wi-FI internet source.

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