Engine & Gearbox Honda CR-V 2.2 i-DTEC Fuel Filter Location

Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by Oscarmax, Friday 24th Jun, 2016.

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    Does anyone know the location and how to change the diesel fuel filter on a 2.2 diesel 2013 I-DTEC engine
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    Hi @Oscarmax
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    Hi Oscarmax, welcome to the forum.
    In answer to you question - no idea, but probably in the engine bay somewhere.
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    Honda has a nasty habit of putting the fuel filter on a CR-V on the bulk head resulting in a big strip down job to get at. You tube maybe your best bet. I definitely know the mkIII CR-V fuel filter change details are on there. As it's basically the same engine it's probably going to be in a similar location for the mkIV.
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    Remove he battery and battery tray, air box ducting and Airbox and its right there. You need the correct filter cup really in order to undo the filter cap.
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    Same as the Gen 3 then.
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    Hi All, just did it, doubt the dealer ever did even though it was stamped in the book!
    1. Remove air filter top pipe, and air flow sensor lead, remove air filter and top of box, remove lower section by removing one bolt and then pull up off the 2 rubber mounts. Wiggle it out, you don't need to remove the battery.
    2. Remove the plate that is under the lower part of the air box, 2 bolts. Remove the lower air pipe and stuff a clean cloth in the turbo inlet just in case anything might fall in.
    3. The diesel filter should now be visible, remove the two 10mm bolts that hold on the top retainer plate, probably a bit rusty as its not painted (I sprayed mine).
    4. Remove the inlet, 10 mm bolt and pull it out. Now you will either need the correct tool, I made one that located in 3 edges of the circumference of the filter housing out of a bit of flat and a sacrificed socket, it was tight probably because it was never really off before!.
    5. Twist the top off, pull out the filter, replace the filter with new o-rings, IMO only use genuine parts.
    6. If you got this far I don't need to say anymore, car might take a few seconds to start initially, might even conk out but it will sort itself out after a few tries.
    7. Do as I did, have pizza and beer for dinner.....you just saved a load of dosh and you know it was really replaced...
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    Did you take any pictures of the procedure @ellacrx ?
    If so, we could d with a Guide/DIY for this job.
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    It's under the rear passenger seat, in the fuel tank, flip the seat up & you'll see its location
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    No it isn't lol. That's for the 2.0 petrol.

    "I've read on the forum............."
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    Yes it is, I own a 2.2 I-DTEC...... lol
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    Evidently owning one doesn't mean that you know where the fuel filter is.
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    That's brilliant! Thanks
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    this may help