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    Hiya all
    it my first time join the club for honda

    i got problem with my car...engine icon light coming up when engine gonna die either traffic stuck and drive a long way then engine gonna die..with engine icon light up ..so had to wait for ten mins then start up but after half hour later same problem...had call rac to pick up car but the moan can't find ECU plug in car..he scratch his hair..bec plug is not there. So he give up and decide take car to drop at garage then garage can't find plug as well....I though it was ignition switch or coil..they will find out what wrong with car tomorrow...I was told that 1997 to 1999 hv no ECU plug..is true??? Any help will be great...

    thank you
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    What happened in the end fella? there is a ECU port on the first gen CR-V I did do a thread some time back with the location of the CR-V OBD port. Let me look it up for you.

    Surprised no one picked up this sooner.:Blushing: