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    can anyone help on a good place to have my new Honda CR-V serviced please but not a Main Dealer ? thanks in the oldham Area or nearby don't mind travelling
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    Any reason you specifically wouldn't want to go to a main dealer @Nikon ?

    Is it just about trying to get a cheaper price, or have you had a bad experience locally? The first link is the service cost for Honda cars at or over 3 years old, maybe worth a look?

    3 Years Plus

    Our service promise

    You could also use Holdcroft in Stoke, there is plenty of praise on here for them due to their high standards...:Smile:
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    Thanks for the information on local service well i have always thought main dealers are Expensive and sometimes don't always do the work they say they do i once had a experience of saying they had changed the oil but yes they didn't even change the oil but this was {Not a Honda Dealer} it was another major Dealer thanks again for your help

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    ^^Lots of members here can recommend Holdcroft Honda, and they will certainly do what they say they will :Thumbup:

    Worth a call to get a quote at least I'd say.