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    if admin needs to move please do so. Here's the CR-X as requested. :Smile: Stock D16A8 DOHC non VTEC motor - few things such as brakes, short shifter with Type-R :tut:, tein sussy, strut braces etc have been upgraded for handling purposes. Engine untouched.

    crx14. 2. 20130925_145814. 20130925_145826. 20131218_191416. 20131218_191555. 20130803_112121. 25012011133. 20130529_155930.
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    She looks fantastic, one of my all-time favourite Honda models. Really clean bay and looking pretty rust free! What brake set-up is that? The pads look like EBC Greens.

    Tagged for @PeteMM, he's been a CR-X owner a few times over.
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    Fantastic wee cars. I've had 6 of them now including one Si and 2 JDM 1.5 VTI's. The others were either VT's or SiR's.

    Would have another in a heartbeat if funds permitted. Then K20 it.
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    :Wub::Drool: Lovely car, I want one of these so bad, but with the B16
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    harry Australia
    hey guys, thanks for all the lovely responses. They are amazing cars. In Australia it only ever came out with a D16A8 motor and was always manual. Had to get the rare jap spec SIR ones that were somehow imported....they fetch much more here....around the $8000 mark for a clean one.
    Anyhoo I've had this one for almost 7 years, I've had 7 CR-X's in total all for selling parts and keeping the rare bits :Smile: dad use to own a wrecking yard few years back, so i use to buy any and all CR-X's around my area and help others put theirs back on the road. :Smile:
    K series would be amazing to have in her.
    But i love them as original as possible with some tasteful mods.