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    The Crossrunner represents the best aspects of two separate biking genres: the flexibility and exciting attitude of a Naked performance machine with the upright riding position and rugged appearance of an adventure bike.The Crossrunner mix is more than that, though. This machine has an 800cc V4 motor that provides a thrilling riding experience, be it for short urban trips or for covering vast distances.Extensive customer research indicated that whilst buyers liked the appearance and the image of adventure bikes, for some the compromised stability caused by long travel suspension, tall seat heights and dual purpose tyres was a serious deterrent. The research revealed that customers wanted a machine that had a unique stylish image and was also great fun to ride in all conditions throughout the year – whether that be on short trips around town or on long rides out across country.Launched in March 2011, the Crossrunner addresses all these issues and in doing so delivers a uniquely adaptable riding experience – the best of both worlds. For 2012 its adventure-ready image is enhanced with the addition of a new matt silver camouflage colour version.

    Development concept
    Stability and rider-flattering ease of use were two core design motivations for the Crossrunner project. It was always at the forefront of the design team’s minds that this motorcycle should be performance-focused, yet supremely manageable to cater for a wide skill set. Beyond the practicalities, the Crossrunner’s wide-barred, upright riding position offers a unique riding experience that magnifies the impressions of speed, acceleration and lean angle.Crossrunner prototypes endured over 120 sessions in the wind tunnel to maximise stability-enhancing airflow. The net result of this extensive wind-flow research is unwavering stability at all speeds. This airflow technology that helped shape and form the multi-layered fairing panels lends the Crossrunner a distinctive and trend-setting appearance.The rider’s level of machine control is enhanced by the wider than normal handlebar configuration which serves to maximise the leverage effect. This means that the Crossrunner responds accurately yet quickly to small steering inputs.The Crossrunner was also designed to maximise pillion comfort. The passenger is seated on a level, low platform to make mounting and dismounting easier and also to maximise the wind protection afforded by the rider. This also creates a feeling of unison between rider and pillion, adding an extra dimension of harmony to the overall riding experience.The Crossrunner also addresses another aspect that focus groups identified as a key area ripe for consideration: the engine. Most sport tourers use an in-line four cylinder engine and most adventure bikes use a twin cylinder powerplant. This created an obvious opportunity for the Crossrunner design team.The Crossrunner’s smooth, flexible and soulful 782cc V4 engine is specifically tuned for the kind of riding suited to this cross-purpose machine. An elastic, turbine-like delivery and smooth, readily accessible power make it very easy for the rider to find an effortless, flowing rhythm – an attribute always appreciated by the pillion.

    Main features

    - Liquid-cooled 782cc, 4 cam, 90° V4 engine delivers a smooth curve of power with excellent torque throughout the rev range.
    - Low-slung 4-2-1 exhaust system leaves room for a lower, flatter pillion seat as well as allowing for an attractive exhaust design, excellent cornering clearance and a distinctive V4 engine note.
    - Natural, upright riding position of a Naked machine is combined with the roominess, comfort and rugged appearance of an adventure bike.
    - Wide handlebar configuration contributes to quick, accurate response to steering input.
    - Low passenger seat is designed for easy mounting and positions pillion at similar level to the rider, resulting in better wind protection and an enhanced ride feel.
    - ‘Floating’ instrument binnacle is positioned for maximum visibility at all times and includes a digital LCD speedometer, a tachometer, twin trip meters, a coolant temperature gauge, an ambient temperature indicator and a clock.
    - Honda VTEC system with refined fuelling and ignition maps combine for a smooth progressive power delivery, abundant torque and precise control.
    - Aluminium alloy twin-spar frame provides excellent rigidity.
    - 43mm cartridge-type front fork provides supreme front wheel control and excellent rider feedback.
    - Cast aluminium Pro-Arm swingarm, Pro-Link rising-rate linkage system and gas-charged HMAS damper with adjustable rebound damping combine for comfort and precise control.
    - High-performing Combined brakes with standard-fit ABS create powerful, assured braking with optimised control and feedback.


    The European design team behind the Crossrunner’s unique proposition was given the opportunity to design a motorcycle that reflected the riding conditions of this new decade. The Crossrunner had to be exciting to ride but at the same time easy to master, and the styling of the machine needed to reflect these cross discipline attributes.The Crossrunner had to be comfortable for both rider and passenger. It was also essential that the end product reflected the ultra-high quality finish that Honda has become rightly renowned for.The bike’s sophisticated styling is accentuated by the high and wide handlebars. Positioning the rider this way with an almost straight back and comfortably outstretched arms increases levels of comfort and improves visibility - both ahead and behind.To place the pillion on a low, flat seat base, the Crossrunner exhaust system is a low-slung 4-2-1 system, rather than the widely adopted under-seat design. This solution also offers a neat, aesthetically pleasing exhaust routing, excellent cornering clearance and a pleasingly muted yet distinctive V4 exhaust note.Crucial machine data is provided by a ‘floating’ instrument binnacle, placed high for optimum visibility at all times. This design technique also creates a feeling of room and airiness to visually create a sense of space.


    For 2013 the Crossrunner will be available in three striking colour versions.

    - Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic NEW
    - Pearl Fadeless White / Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic NEW
    - Mat Bullet Silver / Matt Moonstone Silver Metallic

    The traits of the well-proven Honda V4 engine configuration are legendary. Along with the appealing engine note, this distinctive engine architecture provides a smooth curve of power with excellent torque figures from idle to the rev limit.To provide both optimum low speed torque and peak power, a highly developed version of Honda’s revolutionary VTEC system has been specially adjusted. This technology offers variable valve timing to optimise the degrees of valve opening – a unique proposition in the motorcycle market.Crossrunner engineers have laboured to refine these characteristics. Throttle control linearity – the feeling of heightened rider control – was an early design goal and formed an importantly large part of the Crossrunner’s development time.The net result is a smooth rush of progressive, linear power with abundant torque throughout the rev range and precise control at every parameter of revs, throttle position, gear position and load.In pursuit of this goal, engineers experimented with several different inlet trumpet shapes and lengths before the optimum settings were achieved.

    The 782cc, quad cam, 90 degree V4 runs an over-square bore and stroke of 72.0 x 48.0mm for efficient cylinder filling via the four-valve, down-draught cylinder heads. The liquid-cooled unit feeds its power to the rear wheel via a six speed gearbox, wet clutch and chain final drive.An added benefit of maximising the progressive nature of the torque and power curves is efficient fuelling, resulting in a 350km range from the 21.5-litre fuel tank.

    An adaptable engine needs an equally capable chassis, and the Crossrunner delivers this with a proven aluminium alloy, twin-spar frame that provides excellent rigidity for when the rider demands more.This sportsbike-derived chassis technology is part of the Crossrunner’s unique cross-over proposition. The design allows a much lower headstock height than traditional adventure bikes, resulting in much improved levels of rigidity. The twin aluminium alloy chassis spars that closely hug the contours of the compact engine also offer much better levels of lateral rigidity than the tubular steel frames of most Naked machines.In harmony with this concept of a wide-ranging level of performance parameters, the Crossrunner’s suspension is equally adaptable and perfectly suited to a far-reaching range of riding styles.Up front, 43mm cartridge forks provide supreme front wheel control and excellent rider feedback. The rear wheel is precisely governed by Honda’s race-proven Pro-link rising-rate linkage system and a gas charged HMAS damper with coil-over adjustable spring. Both front and rear suspensions provide a uniquely versatile range of damping control to suit the multi-faceted nature of the Crossrunner.

    With standard-fit ABS, the triple disc braking setup of the Crossrunner is not only powerful, but safe too. Twin 296mm floating discs are arrested by three-piston calipers at the front, whilst the rear 256mm disc brake adopts a twin-piston caliper for precise control.Extensive development work with the ratio of master cylinder-piston to caliper-piston ratios has achieved a high degree of rider feel for optimised levels of braking control and heightened aspects of rider feedback.

    Optional equipment

    The Crossrunner is available with genuine high-quality luggage from Honda. It is built to superb quality standards and provides an integrated and seamless luggage system.
    Top box
    A 31-litre top box features newly designed double-link hinges and an advanced sealing system, giving an incredibly smooth feel and quality finish. Its single-key operation reveals enough capacity to swallow a full-face helmet.The top box is colour-matched to the bike. An internal mat can be added, with secure holding straps which fix to the top box floor to secure both small and large packages. A top box backrest is also available for increased pillion comfort.

    Twin 29-litre panniers offer further storage options for the Crossrunner and are colour-matched to the top box and the rest of the bike. On the right-hand side, a heat shield protects the pannier and its contents from the heat of the exhaust. The left-hand unit can accommodate most helmets. A central re-positioning kit ensures that the rear indicators remain highly visible.As for the top box, an internal sealing system accentuates the smooth design of the Crossrunner panniers, which are operated with a single key.Other luggage options include matching inner bags for both panniers and top box, which make maximum use of the available storage space and can be carried using a handy shoulder strap.


    High windscreen
    While the Crossrunner offers superb wind protection as standard, taller riders or those going on longer touring adventures will appreciate an optional tall screen.The high screen is 12.6cm taller than the standard one and includes a metal bracket for secure fixing and tailored positioning. The optional screen increases wind protection and minimises turbulence.

    Side deflectors
    To further reduce wind pressure on the stomach area, a side deflector kit is also available for the Crossrunner. The PU deflectors operate at optimum efficiency when combined with the high windscreen.

    Heated grips
    To warm up riders’ fingers and make them more responsive on cold winter mornings, genuine Honda heated grips are available for the Crossrunner.The grips’ control button is fully integrated for ease of use, even with gloves. It features a three-step sequential control for different heat levels and status indication. The system even self-monitors to ensure there is no drain on the battery.The grips themselves are manufactured with an ultra-slim design to ensure that machine control and rider comfort are maximised.Honda’s smart system allocates heat through asymmetric distribution of the heating element. This minimises waste and ensures that the heat is directed to the fingers, where it is needed most.

    Other Crossrunner accessories
    • Mainstand
    • Variety of tank pads and fuel filler cover
    • U-lock
    • Outdoor cover
    • 12V socket kit
    • Averto alarm
    Wheel stickers
    Honda Assurance
    You can be sure that, just like all other Genuine Honda Accessories, those provided for the Honda Crossrunner fit perfectly because they have been developed alongside the model. They are all subject to Honda’s rigorous testing procedures to make sure they adhere to our exacting quality standards. This is why they are offered with a two-year Honda warranty.

    Specifications – Crossrunner (E-type)

    Type: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC 90° V-4
    Displacement: 782cm3
    Bore ´ Stroke: 72 ´ 48mm
    Compression Ratio: 11.6 : 1
    Max. Power Output: 74.9kW/10,000min-1 (95/1/EC)
    Max. Torque: 72.8Nm/9,500min-1 (95/1/EC)
    Idling Speed: 1200min-1
    Oil Capacity: 3.8 litres

    Carburation: PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
    Throttle Bore: 36mm
    Aircleaner: Oil-permeated, cartridge-type paper filter
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 21.5 litres
    Fuel Consumption: 16.3km/l (46mpg) (WMTC* - homologated figure)

    Ignition System: Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance
    Ignition Timing: 8° BTDC (idle) ~ 50° BTDC (1200min-1)
    Sparkplug Type: IMR9D-9H (NGK); VNH27Z (DENSO)
    Starter: Electric
    BatteryCapacity:12V/11AH (YTZ-12S)
    ACG Output: 386W
    Headlights: 12V; 55W ´ 1 (low) / 55W ´ 1 (high)

    Clutch: Wet, multiplate with coil springs
    Clutch Operation: Hydraulic
    Transmission Type: Constant mesh 6-speed
    Primary Reduction: 1.934 (64/33)

    Gear Ratios
    1 2.846 (37/13)
    2 2.062 (33/16)
    3 1.578 (30/19)
    4 1.291 (31/24)
    5 1.111 (30/27)
    6 0.965 (28/29)

    Final Reduction: 2.687 (43/16)
    Final Drive: O-ring sealed chain

    Type: Diamond; aluminium twin-spar; pivotless

    Dimensions: (L´W´H) 2,130 ´ 799 ´ 1,243mm
    Wheelbase: 1,464mm
    Caster Angle: 25° 45'
    Trail: 96mm
    Turning Radius: 2.8m
    Seat Height: 816mm
    Ground Clearance: 140mm
    Kerb Weight: 240.4kg (F: 115.2kg; R: 125.2kg)
    Max. Carrying Capacity: 188kg
    Loaded Weight: 390.4 kg

    Front 43mm cartridge-type telescopic fork with stepless preload adjustment, 108mm axle travel, 120mm stroke
    Rear Pro-Link with gas-charged HMAS damper, 7-step preload and stepless rebound damping adjustment, 119mm axle travel, 45mm stroke

    Front 6-spoke cast aluminium
    Rear 5-spoke cast aluminium

    Rim Size
    Front 17M/C ´ MT3.50
    Rear 17M/C ´ MT5.50

    Front 120/70 R17
    Rear 180/55 R17

    Front 225kPa
    Rear 250kPa

    Front: 296mm dual floating hydraulic disc with 3-piston calipers, C-ABS and sintered metal pads
    Rear: 256mm hydraulic disc with 2-piston caliper, C-ABS and sintered metal pads
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