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    AOC MEMBERS PRICE £ 150.00
    RRP £177.17

    Honda have just launched AutoDAB for 2013 year model Civic SE & ES & Jazz S, SE, ES & EX without built in sat nav.

    Designed to be used with existing audio controls and some key features & benefits of this Honda AutoDAB system are

    Uses cars current display & steering wheel controls
    Displays text, song & artist
    No wires or box on view, hidden under dash
    Fully integrated plug and play, easy to use
    Maintains FM stations, stores favourite stations
    100's of digital stations
    voice prompt menu system

    The kit consists of AutoDAB interface, Vehicle specific wiring harness, Antenna connectors, DAB glass mount antenna and Instruction manual.

    Please call Martin, Gareth or Lee at Holdcroft Honda on 01782 261593 or email [email protected] for further details

    The AutoDAB interface has been customised for these specific Honda vehicles. Kits for the rest of the range including accord are still in development and we will inform you as soon as possible of developments.

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    Hi All

    We have tested the Honda DAB on an 8th Generation accord with sat nav and it WORKS !!! Will also work on cars without factory satnav.

    The only slight downside is you have to turn the DAB off if you want to flick over to say your ipod and use the controls for that otherwise the controls stay with the DAB. Only a very small thing but want to get it out there if anyone is thinking of getting it. Apart from that all is good.

    If your interested please call Gareth or Martin on 01782 261593 or email [email protected]
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    What about us poor 7th genners :Sobbing:
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    My car due for service soon, might do this at the same time if I can get some money set aside for it.
    Skint after holidays lol.
    Give you ring soon Gaz.