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    well here goes, will but name of dealer later if allowed on the 27th December took my accord in for a forced regen was quoted £79 when arrived at dealers was told could be anywhere up to £315 depending on how long would take, after a long argument they did for £115, i asked them also to tell me fault on rear parking sensor and price.Came back with a price of £367.09 to replace 1 parking sensor, when i arrived home phoned Honda Uk they said they would pay for the fault asked me if any other faults mentioned the DPF and they said they would note it on the computer and if needs replacing would let me have for £250.
    So back to Leeds a few weeks later to have parking sensor fixed, half hour later service manager tells me, told you would not take long part fixed but still not working asked what ECU said , did not have time to do would take all day, and walks off. With this the redmist took over and a few things were said.
    Next morning i gets a automated txt from dealer asking about my experience with them so i replied holding nothing back, 20 mins later phone call
    from them explained it all to them, said would phone back when got all the facts, did not receive the phone call.
    Honda UK phoned few days later asking if all ok now so explained everything to them, told me they would sort.
    Was asked to take back to dealer who did another diagnostic this time DTC B2634 new parking&back-up sensor control unit needs replacing £394.33 another call to Honda Uk we will cover cost back to Leeds 3-4 weeks later this time my wife took the car 1hr later, still no joy, they asked if we would take car back following day and they would investigate more and fix free of charge, so back it went they gave us a courtesy car end of Feb, 3rd week in March got a call 3 of the back parking sensors need replacing 1 already been done will cost £849.45
    I mentioned you said you were going to fix free of charge, no we did not say that asked to speak to the service manager went looking for him not to be found, i asked have you phoned Honda UK about this, yes we have they want nothing to do with it now.
    I phoned Honda UK again spoke with Amanda who has dealt with me since the start even on first names now. They had not received any call from the dealer and asked if i minded if she repeated the conversation we just had when she phones the dealer which of course i did not mind, 30 mins later dealer phones saying Honda UK will be paying the costs again.
    Finally on Easter Monday got the car back and parking sensor working at a cost of £1,610.87 to fix the rear sensor.
    I have to say all work carried out was good, front of desk good, service manager a complete and utter :wait:**
    December 27th car was 1st diagnosed finally repaired Easter Monday 2 months of that i had courtesy car.
    To round up and let you all get your breath back many thanks to Honda UK.
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    I live in Leeds and refuse to use the dealer for the above reasons, It high time Honda UK did something about their attitude its all wrong it was wrong in 2002 and still wrong I nearly took them to court in 2007 . Dave don't need to name the dealer there is only one dealer in Leeds.

    Over to Honda UK to sort this dealer once and for all.
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    I once drove from Derbyshire to said Leeds dealer for a pre-booked test drive of a used Civic. On arrival I was met by a surprised salesman who informed me that it had been sold. He then proceeded to try and sell me another Civic that was £2k over budget. Thanks, but no thanks.
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    This dealership may have changed hands three time in 10 years but the current incumbent is my opinion the worst in the country.

    It high time Honda took the fight to Pendragon head office and told them some home truths. If this dealer changes hands the staff SHOULD not be Tupe'd they should be gone.. Its staff which makes a successful dealership not the infrastructure.

    PLC's don't make good dealerships :lol: BMW dumped them in 2008 Honda need to dump them as of yesterday.