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    i am not here to call this dealership but i am somewhat frustrated on this dealership , My MOT is due on my CR-V Honda , the dealership who wold me the Honda , i have to say there after-sales is extremely poor , i will name the dealership which is Honda Swansway old Trafford nr manchester , i wouldn't mind they contacted me to arrange my MOT :clap::clap::clap:all i asked was would it be possible to arrange my MOT at there rochdale Branch and yes would you believe it they said yes thats no problem we will arrange this i replied thats great :Hey::Hey:, so one day before yes they called me to confirm i did reiterate it still okay at rochdale they yessssss :gohonda::gohonda: i went yesterday at the time they booked and yes you have probably already guessed it was not booked in , the lady was very nice at rochdale and duly said oh its booked in manchester , i just said its fine i will leave it , i duly drove out of the dealership really annoyed , i did contact manchester honda and spoke with the manager David but he simply could not answer being put on the spot , so i am now having to find another garage to arrange my MOT and service , i have sent a email to Honda uk to the CEO i will of course let you know the reply of this complete mess from this Dealership
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    A bit OTT isn't it? Seems a simple mistake to me. Give them a chance to put it right at least.
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    Do you have the name(s) of whoever arranged/confirmed the MOT at the other dealership? If so, then I would have recommended a letter to the dealer principal.
    If you don't have the names, then a lesson for next time maybe?
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  4. It's not worth falling out with your local main dealer, they have the Honda software updates and inside info. etc. for your car that no-one else has, so why not just ring Rochdale tomorrow and book it in.
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    i think you have went off the deep end a bit to quick ... sending a letter to CEO of HUK over this is a bit OTT IMHO
    if anything your greivance should have been taken up with d/ship management BEFORE going to HUK
    And IMHO it appears to be a mis comm issue and as annoying as it is i think sorting out locally is best bet

    sorry but this is total OTT
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    I think the question you need to ask yourself is under similar circumstances would you do that with any other service industry? Complain to the CEO of tesco etc.

    Dealership staff are normal people like yourself who have mortgages and children to provide for etc. I think you've been unfair to jeopardise someone's job because of an easy mistake to make. As annoying as it is, nobody is perfect.
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    So hows things after 24 hours has the situation become any better or worse?
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    I agree with previous posts @Nikon

    However infuriating it must have been for you, Honda UK won't care as this is clearly a dealer issue. Any complaint needs to go to the Service Manager first IMHO to see what they do about it.

    I'd say an apology should do it...nothing more. Maybe a half-price MOT, but that would be it.
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    hi thanks for the recent post
    i had my Honda CR-V serviced and they offered me a collection service and free wash and vac , at rochdale thanks for your comments some good some negative from certain comments

    i may well look for a Aproved Garage in the future
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    @Nikon Just out of interest it's been 2 months since this incident. Did you get a reply from the CEO at HUK? Or was the issue resolved by Manchester and Rochdale and if so did they give you a reason for the :tut: up.
    Please don't just end like you did we would like to know.
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    Hi all
    in response to the reply rochdale contacted me again and offered to collect my car from my workplace i was set a email from Honda uk but it was from perhaps a senior Admin person and to be honest was not helpful to say the least and Swansway are not the great After sales service Would i use them Again to purchase a Car probably not But still like my Honda CR-V great product just a shame about the service of after sales
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    Hi Nikon, think you got the rough end of the deal ! My local Honda dealership really messed my car up ! ( I nearly swore there) I am over £2600 out of pocket thanks to my local Honda " specialist " same company as yours - follow my posts on my auto gearbox problems, finally fixed by " Tameside Transmissions ltd, Droylsden, Manchester " Just think yourself lucky, glad you got sorted.
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    Hi mate
    Did Tameside transmission sought your issue ? They are not far from me
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    United Kingdom jim bolton
    Hi, yes, £2004.00 for complete rebuilt auto box that included low loading my cm ( £1670.00+vat )
    Check out the sorry ongoing saga I posted on here - Honda dealer. £ 600 to puck it up, can't fault Tameside Transmission, keep them in mind if you ever have a problem, bit dear but I suppose you get what you pay for, just wish I had gone to them in the first place !
    Car now as it SHOULD have been in the fist place. Don't forget to have a look at the post !
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    I will Jim oh happy new year mate , keep in touch mate
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    United Kingdom jim bolton
    All the best to you and yours.