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    Just had the mothership in for some work FR-V 2005 Sport had all fluids changed and aux belt changed at one branch and inner CV joints / ball joint at another. Must say she is driving like a new car again but bit worried at some of the things that happened after work done. Namely CV boot ripped after work at first one noticed grease flying about and teh brake disc screws hadnt been tightened so took it back they did it straight away. Second dealer hadnt put top on brake fluid cylinder and left car back at house without handbrake on ! car had rolled forward luckily no other car there and no damage. Have emailed customer service. Just wondering do you think im right to be a bit miffed about this after all paying dealer prices?

    On a positive a sales person from the dealer rang me while car was in saying a customer was asking if car was for sale as they liked it so much! and would i like to do a deal.
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    Which garages done the work if you don't mind me asking??
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    In the north east Durham and Sunderland
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    I get my work done at the durham one, , , must say I've never had a problem with them.. but I guess in the end we are all human and make mistakes
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    VERY lucky!
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    Yeah they fixed it no bother just the inconvenience of going back etc and to happen at two dealers when all their promotion is excellence etc etc and it's little things like that which will make a person use that service again. Oh and noticed bleed nipple missing off today when had wheel off
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    I assume you mean the bleed nipple cover ? If the bleed nipple itself was missing there'd be a real BIG issue !! :Smile:
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    Yeah the cover sorry !