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    Well had car serviced again today

    All went semi ok with the exception of the oil:Aghast:

    After getting home and looking at the invoice I thought "thats cheap for oil!" so I phoned and asked what exactly they had put in the old bus. Turns out they had no 0-30 (which I had requested ) so they put 5-30 fully synthetic in her instead.:Aghast: I am going to leave it in for few thou and change it again. I should think it will be OK with that for 4K.

    The timing was spot on and they rang!!! get that they rang me!!! to say it was all done.

    My turbo is fine I am told, I requested they looked at this as there was a whistle I had noticed. Mainly due to not having the radio on as I can't with the rear screen demister as gives static...

    The static with the rear screen demister on is down to "Antenna Module Unit 39155 - SEA - G01 " no idea what that is but think it may be an amplifier for the radio linked some ware towards the rear window. Any way £210 GBP to supply and fit... :Blink: might just make do for now or might ring HH and see what they can do...

    My front fog light which I have put two bulbs in recently they think it may be the lamp £229 GBP supplied and fitted (holy rap) for a fog light? Again may ring HH as easy to fit. They think if this does not sort the problem then it will mean a new engine bay wiring harness. :Blink::Blink::Blink:

    Tech guy was OK had an extended test drive after she was all back together and said best 7th Generation (diesel) he has worked on this year with a "Pucker engine, pulls well" :Smile:was his comment.. Didnt say how many he had worked on this year though :Whistle:

    The dealer staff were very good, helpful and engaging (except oil business) nice clean place and a nice Accord sitting in the show room (saloon) silver (not the best colour) with a fat set of rims! :Thumbup:

    Sales guy was very PRO ACCORD (not once did he mention anything from Swindon) also said that they will have no more Accords after 2015 so thats it boys... Also no 9th Generation for us he says, or at least this is what he is saying. Nice used 8th Generation saloon in black on the forecourt and NO discounts on new 8th Generation!! (I asked) I asked if that was for real and he said yep no discounts, perhaps a deal on some dealer options Tax that sort of stuff..

    This as CJ may have surmised was not the Northampton main Honda dealer, I went to Richard Sanders in Kettering (despite the offer of a free service at Northampton)much smaller and much friendlier . I think had I known about this dealer before we bought the Subaru this year, we would have had a much better dealer experience.

    Nice bunch, not Hold Croft nice but nice all the same. They did a superb job of cleaning it for me and I had few mins with one of the service guys showing him round the AOC site while I was picking her up. I left them some leaflets and a few stickers and pointed out We don't just do Accords.... Also our polo shirts were better than theirs :Thumbup:

    Overall a good experience shame about the light and radio glitches bit miffed about those but hey its an old car now...

    Taken from their website

    " Here at Richard Sanders, we are a Family Business. We are owned and run by myself, my wife Jenny, and our two sons Mark and Nick. We believe that a family business is a safe, secure and trustworthy business for you to buy from.

    We proudly represent the Honda franchise in Kettering, and the greater surrounding area.

    At Richard Sanders we pride ourselves in offering an excellent level of service in all aspects of our Business. We are recognised as the Top Honda Dealer Nationally for Customer Satisfaction, awarded by Speakback - Honda Customer Satisfaction Survey.

    Richard Sanders
    Managing Director"

    Richard Sanders Honda. RsANDERS HONDA.

    If your local to Northampton I would recommend them. Courtesy car sucked though but I got one!
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    What was courtesy car ??
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    Nice Jazz 1.2, I never realized speed could be quite so slow.. :Smile: Seating position was not for me felt like I was sitting on a crate..
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    They gave you that so you could appreciate yours more LOL
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    You got that right :Smile:
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    Not to forget build quality of your Accord :Wink:
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    The Accord and the Jazz even my old bus are worlds apart in terms of quality :Smile: not a fair comparison though I suppose. The 8th Generation Accord is better than mine which is a fairer comparison than a Jazzy egg box :Whistle:
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    Been using them for years, ever since they took over from Corby motors/Kettering Honda who unfortunately went bust.

    They've just done my clutch master cylinder. Bit of a fiddle apparently as they'd not done an 8th Generation before. Washed it as well, which is nice in this weather.
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    I had the same problem with the radio on my Tourer and was led to believe that the amplifier was at fault. I bought two off Ebay (theres one on each side of the car behind the trim on the C pillar, one is yellow, the other is blue) and replaced my existing ones but they didn`t help. The interference eventually went away on its own, I think. I only seem to have a problem with Radio 2, whether its the car or a radio in my garage so I may never have had a problem at all.

    Anyway, if you want I can send them to you and you can test them. If it sorts your problem out you can keep them for £30, I paid £50. If they don`t work just send them back to me. I`ll get a picture of them later.

    Or alternatively, my daughter lives in Coventry and works in Rugby, maybe you could pick them up from her if its not too far away. She`s coming home for Mothers Day this weekend I could pass them to her.
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    Hi Dave

    Very kind offer ..Like yours though mine has stopped hissing for almost two months now.. Weired as I have done nothing to sort the problem yet.

    I seem to have swapped my hissing radio (also radio 2 but not always) problem for a reverse parking sensor problem. Still never mind, am hoping that will fix its self to :Smile:
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    Not a problem. Never spotted the date of your first post