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    according to the Daily Telegraph. Video: Honda Civic Tourer review - Telegraph

    Liked your old Honda Civic Tourer, did you? That one you bought 12 years and two model generations ago? Good job it's a long-lasting Honda, then, because soon after you handed over the cash the company abandoned you by not including an estate version of the 2006 'pyramid' Civic, or its 2011 replacement. A former big fish at Honda once told me that it didn't really have a recognisable marketing department. Instead, Honda's engineers decided what they'd build and told everyone else to go out and sell it. It's a strategy that's worked up to a point, but in the last five years Honda's fortunes have been on a steeper trajectory than that of Icarus. And Honda's idiosyncratic replacement cycle has succeeded in antagonising rather than delighting its largely conservative, monied and older retail customers.


    Officially, Honda didn't replace the Civic Tourer because the market was turning towards small SUVs. It was right and wrong. The small estate market hasn't disappeared, it's changed. This type of car now finds service providing useful amounts of space for discerning buyers migrating from family hatchbacks – less small families than grandparents with rug-rat responsibilies. Estate versions of Ford's Focus estate and Vauxhall's Astra estate are exemplars, in which space and practicality are mixed with style and driver appeal.

    Honda being Honda, its new Civic Tourer estate is inexorably practical as well as being (it hopes) good looking. Load space with all the seats up is a class-leading 624 litres and the load lip is the lowest of all its major competitors. There's a hidden compartment under the boot floor big enough for two airline carry-on cases, the middle seats fold to give a flat floor so you can slide a fridge into it and the middle seats also have hitch-up bases to allow carriage of tall items such as plants, or big dogs. You've probably had enough of Dr Who, but if he's looking for a replacement Tardis for his next half century...
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    I agree to some extent honda does not have a marketing department but Honda UK on the other hand has a very active PR team promoting built in British flag but do sod all in marketing individual cars .The department is sole priority is to promote Swindon made cars on social media.