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    Hello everbody,
    Yesterday I was searching in my basement and i have found this honda e300 generator
    2016-05-03 12.52.55.

    The generator is very old, but in good condition-except fuel pipes. Some of them are cracked or disconnected. So I am asking for your help , how to connect them.
    2016-05-03 22.03.30. 2016-05-03 22.04.14. 2016-05-03 22.03.54.
    I think that some of those pipes are just for breathing
    Thank you:Grin:
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @slo123. That is indeed a good find !

    You've come to right place to ask for help and info about them.

    I'm sure our experts will be along soon to advice you :Smile:
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    hi an welcome to hondakarma!!
    sorry missed this posting

    can you post some more pictures of the carburettor fuel tap etc and lots more of the whole generator as we have found that honda had a habit of modifying and changing parts
    i then can do some photos of exactly what you need to know
    heres some links to some of our generators 1964 Honda E IV 300 (Service & Maintenance - )
    1963 Honda E40
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    First I would like to thank you all for you kindness.
    I was very happy that i made a good find, but I have more good news. I also find few spare parts including carburetor, exaust, magnet, spark plugs,.....
    I also bought fuel lines :OTT:
    2016-05-04 22.26.21.
    Here are photos of the carburetor
    2016-05-04 22.25.58. 2016-05-04 22.26.02.
    I think that A is the main fuel line, B is some kind of breather and C i don't know
    thank you:Grin:
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    Yay another generator nut.

    Hi mate

    The second image the long pipe is a fuel overflow pipe if the float or needle valve get stuck it will flow the fuel out of there.

    The third picture is Crank case ventilation pipe on the back of the air intake elbow you will find a hole where this pipe will enter, so all the oil fume go into the air filter.

    The fourth pictures is the float bowl overflow pipe the the right of the lower base there is a cut out in the base where this pipe goes. The float bowl you can see a screw if you open that you will drain all the fuel in the bowl for long term storage so the carb does not get gummed up. :Smile: make sure the fuel :tut: is set to off otherwise you will lose all your fuel :Frown:

    just to the side of this there is a cut out on the back base to receive the top over flow pipe and the second pipe from the fuel :tut: go there for side venting. I can post pictures to make them easier to understand this weekend. I and Slim must have stripped a few dozen e300 so I know them pretty well.

    Looking forward to see your beauty running check out the other gennys in the garage. if you get stuck just ask.
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    Today I changed old fuel pipes and the generator is working very smoothly. Old cable was also cracked, and there was a short circut. I also connected a new cable, but fuses were blown. Tomorrow i will buy new fuses :OTT:
    2016-05-05 20.09.43. 2016-05-05 20.09.52. 2016-05-05 20.10.03.
    Notice on second picture the caution sign in serbo-croatian. Feeling a little nostalgic :Grin::Grin::Grin::Grin:
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    Well done mate here is my picture showing the side venting you barely see the bowl pipe going to the base.