General Honda ECU updates

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    My car is booked into Durham Honda on Thursday for the windscreen recall and handbrake adjustment, and as it's under warranty till march I asked if they would update the ECU software , they said yes but there would be a charge of £84. Anyone no if this is normal ?
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    I know ECU updates are complimentary when you service the car in Honda but don't know if they charge otherwise.
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    Cheers Zoran, I will probably leave it till next service then, thanks for reply mate.
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    Hi T26,
    Your car has the R20 2.0 i-VTEC just like mine: as far as I know no update at all has been released or is necessary for this engine. You drive a petrol! No worries, no updates, just happy motoring:OTT:.
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    Hi I-DSI , took my car in to Honda today for windscreen recall,Near SIde Front speaker crackling and handbreak adjustment , Honda agreed to all under warranty. Asked about ECU updates they checked and say it will done with 12000 mile service, as Zoran reassured me. Maybe because mine is 09 model
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    Let just put it this on the 7th the 2.0 accord has one ECU update to take the jerking out at low speeds. The 8th Generation 2.4 has it fuel mapping changing for engine knocking at high revs.

    That are the only updates that is all Diesel on the other hand have more updates then Windows operating system! Its a Honda petrol they are bullet proof.