Service & Maintenance Honda FR-V Broken Filter Body. *Please* help!

Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by tomtom 23, Thursday 7th Jul, 2016.

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    Hi all,
    On Monday we are supposed to be going on a small (surprise) trip.
    I bought the 2006 Honda FR-V two weeks ago.

    I used the guide on this site... FR-V 2.2 i-CTDi Diesel Service

    Looks simple enough.

    On removing the filter housing body, there was only one (!) o-ring in use.....the largest, outer one...
    Your guide shows, and the new paper filter came with, 3 o-rings. I fitted the 3 o-rings and could not get it to seat- do it up.

    Then I snapped it.... the filter body...

    So I have car on the drive that I cannot move. Are there 'versions' of the filter body that do not have/need o-rings??

    Please please can anyone help.

    Apart from that the car is great! :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Tom Tom Zummerzet

    And to top that, one of the kids has just been sick!
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    What have you snapped? The paper filter, or the plastic scaffold the paper filter fits on?
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    I'm a blithering idiot- the issue is solved.
    (I snapped the scaffold part, btw,- it was crushed as I tried to screw in the filter body)
    Reason it snapped is that I misdiagnosed the problem in the first instance -missing o-rings. They were plasticised, very ridgid and flattened and looked to me like part of the housing, nothing like the new o-rings that came with the filter. Next to each one was a gap where I thought the o-rings should have been. So the missing o-rings were not missing, I added more and obviously it wouldn't fit in.
    Every day is a school day.. If I were reading this, I'd suggest the OP stay well away from cars.
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    Haha @tomtom 23 glad to hear you have resolved the issue
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    Everyday is a learning day for everyone !

    Pleased to hear issue is resolved.
  7. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Many of us have done daft things too. Such is life.:dunce: